Friday, 1 November 2013

Picture The New One Way System

A few days ago, blog reader Richard sent me a set of photos he took during his morning walk along Hampton and Windsor Roads on his way to the station.

Readers may remember that many residents local to the immediate area are not best pleased with the new arrangements. Local campaigner Stewart Mackay who has been out knocking on doors in the area gathering petition signatures to reverse the decision will apparently be doing the rounds again tomorrow (Saturday 2nd November) in Moreton Road and Donnington Road. You can also still sign the on line petition which is at:

Here is a selection of the photos, including Richard's commentary for each one:

 Hampton Road: Traffic backing right up Windsor – in fact it backs so far up that I’ve seen it back to the junction between Hampton and Balmoral, resulting in drivers abandoning turning left into Hampton and accelerating up Balmoral to the High Street. This increases the traffic at the Balmoral/Kingsmead/Hampton junction – at exactly the same place where there are two schools.

 Traffic at the Hampton/Balmoral junction – in fact, as seen here, it’s not just coming out of Hampton Road, it goes right back passed Hampton, down Windsor and sometimes way beyond Moreton Rd – even to Donnington Road, two junctions up!

 The gridlocked scene in Windsor Road, with a Waitrose lorry caught in the centre. Note the guy pushing a pushchair along the toxic fume infested street – poor kid! Also the motorcyclist who’s got cheesed off and is utilising the island to get past… imagine what would happen if somebody coming out of the car park got similarly cheesed off and cut around the traffic and turned right?...

Guess what? Just seconds later, this is exactly what happened! I heard the van emergency brake as it tried to turn into the car park entrance, then tooting, as the Ford (Focus?) emerged on the wrong side of the road, having bypassed the island on the wrong side of the road.

The Ford emerges from the car park – note the posture of the driver in the Waitrose truck in this and the previous photo – clearly he’s been stuck there for some time!

  Taken a few minutes later… and absolutely nothing has managed to move an inch!