Friday, 8 November 2013

Missing A Dog?

Yesterday I received an email from a blog reader telling me that yesterday morning around 9am she and her friend found a rather bedraggled looking dog. She said it was:
"Wandering down Highdown looking rather agitated. After a bit of a chase we managed to catch it and took it to the vets on Vale Road.  They scanned it to see if it had a microchip but unfortunately not, so we left it there. 
We think it came from the direction of Tamesis Gardens so perhaps it had been over the fields at the back of there, or down by the Hogsmill behind St Johns church."
The dog, a west highland white terrier, has since been moved to a different branch and from there to homing kennels. It was wearing a 'dog jumper' to keep it warm.

If you have recently lost a dog of this description, email the blog (address at the top) and answer a couple more questions about the dog and I will put you in contact with the dog warden who will help you to get it back.

Apparently it is usually a very difficult process to track down a lost dog once it 'is in the system', but after I phoned, one very nice lady has spent over an hour finding out where this dog has gone so it can be reunited with its owner. So if this owner is you or you know who it is, please email me. Thanks.