Thursday, 7 November 2013

Mais Oui Go To The Market?

Once again the sound of accordion music and French conversations can be heard in Central Road as Worcester Park goes all berets and baguettes playing host to the Autumn instalment of our regular(ish) French Market.

There seems to be a bit more life in this one than the last craft and local produce market. There are certainly more stalls on both sides of the road but so far the crowd have yet to descend in their droves. However this is a marathon, not a sprint as the market will be there from today until Saturday so there's still plenty of time to head down and stock up on French goodies.

One blog reader is particularly pleased. Anne Le Romancer who runs the Les Petits Pois French Club said:
"So to all my lovely students go out there and go practice your beautiful French and enjoy a Crepe! Remember "je voudrais...." ? It's your chance to give it a good go with native speakers. I'll see you there (une crepe au chocolat c'est delicieux...I can't resist I'm afraid!)."
While another reader, taking a slightly different view point has observed:
"How are vans for the French market allowed on the pavement when the rest of us mere mortals would be given a ticket? Also, food prep in the back of a van.....seriously....."
I can just imagine the Gallic shrug going up in response.