Saturday, 30 November 2013

In Which Blogger Grows a Moustache

There can't be many better ways to raise money than to do a bit less shaving. So this year, much to Mrs WP's tolerant discontent, I have opted to sprout a few upper lip follicles for Movember and chase them down the sides as well for good measure.

This is all to help raise both awareness and money to combat men’s health issues, or more specifically prostate and testicular cancer. If any readers feel like donating, please do so here.

Mrs WP has been counting down the days until shave off day which is now tomorrow so it's my last day of looking like a cross between Thomas Magnum and Nick Cave...

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Stewart Consv Mackay said...

Good Effort Si ... next year we'll both give it a go :)

Simon Densley (Conservative & said...

Thanks Stewart, I may have to miss a year though. Mrs WP only agreed to it this year after I reminder her that I had refrained last year on her request.

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