Thursday, 21 November 2013

Depressing Outcome

About a week ago a blog reader tweeted to let me know (@worcesterpark) that the stone on one of the new 'crossings' on Cheam Common Road (opposite Balmoral Road) was starting to break up again. I went to have a look and noted that some of the flat stones had sunk a little but thought it was better to keep an eye on them and see if it got any worse. Today when I looked there seemed to be some real deterioration. A section of four stones have sunk, some by what seems a few centimetres. The mortar around these has completely broken and another stone has cracked.

This is not the first time these new crossings have failed to stand up to the traffic in Cheam Common and Central Roads. Readers will remember the stone edges breaking and crumbling within a few months of being installed resulting in the temporary traffic lights having to be brought in again to replace the stones and hopefully fix the underlying problem.

It would unfortunately appear that underlying problems were not all fixed. In addition to the sinking stones, the stone edges are once again starting to break - all these pictures were taken this morning. Admittedly they have lasted longer than a couple of months this time, but not a great deal longer.