Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Dalmeny Closed For Two Weeks

As the gas pipe replacement works snake their way around Worcester Park, the next road on the list of inconvenience is Dalmeny Road. This thoroughfare shall be closed off to the public from tomorrow (14th November) for approximately 2 weeks.

I can only assume this must either be some major sort of works or else a different company doing it because for all the other works they have pretty much managed with temporary traffic lights and keeping one side of the road open. Hopefully it is the former as the Sean and his crew have built up a reasonably good reputation for accommodating local residents.

I also note they have managed to misspell 'Dalmeny' on the warning sign. They must have been having a two for the price of one on 'e's that day (stop giggling at the back). I shouldn't really chastise them - my spelling isn't always perfect - but I'd have thought they'd have access to maps with road names on them for this sort of thing.

I just hope this doesn't have a further detrimental affect on the traffic further down in Balmoral, Hampton and Windsor Roads.

Update (14th November)

Not sure what happened here but I managed to drive down Dalmeny Road today and there was neither a hint of road works nor the road being closed. Maybe tomorrow...

Update (17th November)

Thanks to the Guest below who pointer out that the road "Was closed first thing on 14th with diversion in place then disappeared by midday". Having driven down Dalmeny Road again today, there is still no sign of any roadworks, or indeed of any works having been done.

It is possible (only my speculation, not yet verified) that they set up the diversion on Thursday morning, then realised they weren't going to be able to start the work and so took the diversion down again. If this was the case then I would at least give them credit for not leaving a diversion up when it is not necessary. However it would be nice for the public information side to be accurate.

I note also that there is still work going on in Oaks Avenue, adjacent to Dalmeny Road (Pictured).