Friday, 15 November 2013

Classy Cakes You Can Bank On

While there are several places in Central Road that you can buy cakes, there is only one today where staff are dressed up in fluffy bear ears, tiaras and dinner suits. And not only that, it also doubles as a branch of the Santander Bank.

Readers will hopefully remember the charity cake sale at Santander today. The cakes are not priced, all you need to do is make a donation and cake is yours to enjoy. All profits are going to children in need and the delicious selection of cakes have all been lovingly made by the staff. Get in quick before it's too late...

Also in case you were wondering, the scaffolding out the front of Santander is for fixing some pipes in the roof as there was a leak this morning. It's nothing to do with the shop front improvements.

Update (Wednesday 20th November)

I have had an email from Darren Harding, the manager here. He wants to:
"Thank all the people who generously contributed to our cake sale. We raised £325.00 which will be matched by Santander to give a grand total of £650.00."
What Brilliant work from the all the staff at Santander. You can all be very proud of that effort! And thanks everyone who contributed by going in to buy some cake!