Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Charity Race Night At Centrals

Tomorrow evening (Thursday 27th November) Centrals bar will be hosting a Charity Race Night to help Michelle Griscti get to Ghana where she wants to spend two weeks volunteering as a trainee midwife.

Michelle, who is currently a student midwife, is planning to work in a hospital in Takoradi, Ghana with three of her fellow students to try and make a positive difference to the women there and also to learn what it is like working where only the most very basic care is available. She needs to raise £2000 to pay for her travel, accommodation and expenses.

So far Michelle (pictured left) has managed to raise £370 towards her goal and hopes to raise a bit more tomorrow evening at the charity race night. You can donate directly to Michelle's cause at her GoFundMe page.

But what is a charity race night I hear you ask? Well there will be twelve races played out on the screens there (it is a sports bar after all). For each race you can 'purchase' a horse (or whatever happens to be racing) for £3 which allows you to name it and if your 'horse' wins you get £5 plus a bottle of wine.

You can also bet 1 or 2 pounds on a horse. A percentage of all the money bet will be split between the winners and the rest will go to the charity - in this case helping Michelle get to Ghana.

Steve and Sarah, the husband and wife team who run Centrals (pictured right) have kindly donated 12 bottles of wine for the occasion as well as the use of the bar to help Michelle raise the money. If any of that sounds like a worthwhile cause, or even just fun - head on down to Centrals tomorrow evening.

Incidentally Centrals will be running a Karaoke night from next Thursday if you feel like having a sing...