Friday, 29 November 2013

Browning Fire

A fire at the back of a house in Browning Avenue broke out this afternoon but was quickly brought under control again. The fire apparently broke in the guttering at the back of the house just before 3pm and think black smoke could be seen briefly from Central Road. Two fire engines arrived at the scene minutes later at around 3pm. The blog understand that the owners managed to put the main fire out themselves and the fire service went in the ensure everything was properly cooled down and safe. The main damage was apparently just to the back wall, windows and the roof. Luckily it wasn't much worse.

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Wendy Ashton said...

Was coming down Browning Avenue at that time fetching my grandchildren from school. Seeing the fire engines, y granddaugher was concerned. I told her there was no smoke so it was probably all OK. 'Maybe they are rescuing a kitten from a tree' she said. Yes. They do that and a hell of a lot more besides. These people risk their lives every day and they deserve our support! God Bless the Fire Service!!!

Coops said...

Drove past the house as I was on my way to heathrow. I've had a knot in my stomach wondering if all parties involved are ok / damage is minimal - it's such a relief to know that the damage is minimal and no one was hurt. Thank you Worcester Park Blog for keeping us up to date!!

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