Sunday, 20 October 2013

Unintended Offence

I have received two complaints in the last two days regarding Friday’s post about the Fireworks at Green Lane School. These were in regards to the opening sentence which mentioned the link between the Guy Fawkes Night celebration and the burning of Catholics.

Now I of course wrote this with my tongue firmly in my check and was having a dig at the underlying anti-Catholic reasons we have this particular festival, however, given that some people have been offended and considered it anti-Catholic, I would like to apologise for any and all such offence caused. I have now edited out the offending phrase from the original post. I should also make clear that the original post did not reflect the opinions of Green Lane Primary School (or anyone involved with the school). It was my write up of the fireworks night they are putting on for the community. (So please don't blame them!)

While the gunpowder plot was a terrible crime, it was carried out against a background of Catholics being persecuted by the protestant establishment. After the Catholic Guy Fawkes was tortured for information and then executed for the crime, what better way to ensure he did not become seen as a martyr, than with an annual celebration of the foiling of the plot and having children make effigies of him to be burned on bonfires? The cynic in me sees it as a carefully planned PR exercise to ensure the public remembers who were the goodies and who were the badies.

As I indicated in the original post, Mrs WP happens to be Catholic and I regularly attend a Catholic church with my family. So I am certainly not anti-Catholic in any way (just in case you were wondering).

Writing this blog without the benefits of an editor means that occasionally I might overstep a mark here or there. I had hoped that everyone would realise this was a self depreciating attempt to also consider the darker side of the bonfire night festival. However as this seems not to have been the case, I hold up my hands and say sorry. No offence intended.