Tuesday, 8 October 2013

This Job's Bollards

Continuing on the North Cheam theme for another post, if you were wondering why there was some work going on in the centre on London Road today, it was the fixing of the bollards. The gentlemen doing the work were rather disappointed in the electrical job that had been done the first time which had caused the lights to stop working. There was much grumbling to be heard as they rectified the 'amateur' work. Hopefully all is now well and our bollards are shining brightly as beacons of electrical excellence, now and into the future.

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mize said...

This is outside my flat and I can safely say it will need doing again very very soon if not from one of the daily car accidents on the junction then it will be from one of the drunken people singing shouting fighting or most commonly kicking it till it comes off just like they do with the bins!

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