Monday, 28 October 2013

Storm Damage

As predicted, lots of damage has been done by last night's storm and high wind. Many trees have come down or lost branches. Fences and other things have been damaged and to top it all off, the traffic lights at Worcester Park station on Malden Road have switched themselves off. Luckily traffic is fairly subdued and people are being generally polite and courteous with other vehicles.

A very large poplar tree came down in The Avenue (pictured above and left) and has been blocking the road. According to a local resident, who was having his breakfast at the time, this came down at about 6:30am after a very strong gust of wind that sustained for about 20 seconds. The tree has a hollow core and local residents had been asking the council (Epsom and Ewell) to take a further 10 meters or so off the top as they didn't think it was safe, but the council refused, apparently as it was a protected species.
Luckily no one was hurt and no cars were damages by this particular tree but apparently there were several cars parked in its path last night whose owners were at a party nearby. Good thing they didn't stay the night! Several others trees have apparently come down in The Avenue as well (such as the one on the left just above here).

In Stone place the big tree behind Iceland was snapped off at its base. This came down on top of some storage facilities but there doesn't look to be too much damage. It does look to have blocked the entrance at the back somewhat though. Contrary to a Sutton Council tweet, the tree is not actually blocking the entrance to the Iceland car park though.

A fallen tree has also partially blocked London Road, just south of the Malden Road/Cheam Common Road lights in North Cheam.

And in Manor Park, a large section of the fence surrounding the controversial cleared area has blown over.

Let me know if you see anything else!


There is a tree down which is partially blocking Lynwood Drive near the junction with Sandringham Road. Passable with care. Thanks to blog reader Lisa for that update.


Thanks to blog reader Richard for this picture (right) of another tree blown down in Hampton Road.


Thanks to Mick for the photo of this fallen tree in Shadbolt Park.