Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Short Train Journey

What’s worse than a cancelled train? One that’s cancelled after you’ve just got on board. Blog reader Richard very kindly sent me these photos of Worcester Park station this morning after the 7:11 suffered this very fate, leaving everyone on the platform. He said:
"It pulled in … already standing room only – but hey, no worse than usual. The doors opened, everyone got on …the doors shut … the train moved… about a foot (that’s 30cm to younger folk) … and then it happened! The train was officially cancelled, whilst it was still in the station … everyone who’d just got on had to get off again and everyone who had already been on the train before it had arrived! … The platform was heaving!
On the plus side, the train was swiftly taken out of service and the next one came a few minutes later – it could have been much worse. Apparently the cause of the problem was the doors failing. It wasn’t a great way to start the day after yesterday, but at least it wasn’t raining!"

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Anon said...

It was absolute chaos! Idiots still trying to pile into the train despite it being very obviously immobile. I just took a step back, laughed to myself and re-routed to the bus stop.

Gage MuscleDog Hanson said...

OMG I can see my boss there in the brown jacket. Oh I can also see his BAD HAIR DAY LOOK. LOL

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