Friday, 4 October 2013

Open Brook

As several readers have already noted, and others suggested, after several weeks of renovations, the Midas Touch has indeed regenerated to become “The Brook”. The new name was inspired by the Beverly Brook which runs from Cuddington Recreation Ground under the land occupied by the pub and under Central Road to follow Green Lane down towards Motspur Park and on until it reaches the Thames.
Along with the name, the internal d├ęcor has had a change and is being given a local history flavour with numerous black and white pictures of the area from times gone by (thumbs up from the blog on that one). The pub will be opening its doors for the first time as “The Brook” this evening (Friday) at 6pm. There will be a new menu to enjoy in the newly dedicated restaurant area.

I will be interested to hear what Worcester Parkers think…

Update (Saturday 5th October)

For those interested in the Sunday Quiz Night that used to be a staple of the Midas Touch social diet, this will be restarting this Sunday at 8:30pm in the Brook. There will be general knowledge questions, hand out and picture rounds, and a Jackpot prize game at the end. The current Jackpot stands at £40. It's a fun quiz and all are welcome, including Ismaili's.