Friday, 4 October 2013

Open Brook

As several readers have already noted, and others suggested, after several weeks of renovations, the Midas Touch has indeed regenerated to become “The Brook”. The new name was inspired by the Beverly Brook which runs from Cuddington Recreation Ground under the land occupied by the pub and under Central Road to follow Green Lane down towards Motspur Park and on until it reaches the Thames.
Along with the name, the internal d├ęcor has had a change and is being given a local history flavour with numerous black and white pictures of the area from times gone by (thumbs up from the blog on that one). The pub will be opening its doors for the first time as “The Brook” this evening (Friday) at 6pm. There will be a new menu to enjoy in the newly dedicated restaurant area.

I will be interested to hear what Worcester Parkers think…

Update (Saturday 5th October)

For those interested in the Sunday Quiz Night that used to be a staple of the Midas Touch social diet, this will be restarting this Sunday at 8:30pm in the Brook. There will be general knowledge questions, hand out and picture rounds, and a Jackpot prize game at the end. The current Jackpot stands at £40. It's a fun quiz and all are welcome, including Ismaili's.

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borisranting said...

has it changed ownership/management or just had a facelift? Not bothered with what it looks like inside, it needed a change of attitude!

Tamassey said...

Looking good! Will come to check it out soon!

daisy said...

I was under the impression that the beverley brook ran from green lane ,under the railway bridge, to connect with the hogs mill river. The source of the beverley brook being on Wimbledon common. There is however a stream that runs underground from the direction of the Queen Victoria.down Cheam Common road, and Central road [the right side, going down] to meet with the beverley brook at the junction of Green lane. It would be interesting if anyone could put a name to the said stream.

parkerilla said...

@ BorisRanting - I've been in there a few times and never had any problems with the staff or management.

KT4 said...

Not sure about underground streams, but there's definitely a stream within Cuddington Rec, running down the hill (obviously) and certainly in the general direction of the Huntsman's Hall/Midas Touch/the Brook.

Barry Cullum said...

That takes me back a few years, getting caked in mud in that stream in Cuddington Rec on the way home from school.
Yes, that stream is the start of Beverley Brook. It goes underground in the Rec and resurfaces on the other side of the road to the pub and runs along Green Lane. It is the same stream that later runs through Richmond Park.

@ Daisy... Yes, there is an un-named stream running from the direction of the Queen Vic (not sadly missed), which surfaces for a short stretch along Dalmeny Road. Can't really say if this joins Beverley Brook somewhere underground before Green Lane or if it meets with Pyl Brook somewhere between Trafalgar Avenue & Garth Road. Pyl Brook eventually joins Beverley Brook in the sports ground near Shannon Corner flyover.
There are several streams that run from the direction of Wimbledon Common joining up with Beverley Brook along the A3.
Beverley Brook eventually enters the Thames near Putney Bridge.
The Hogsmill River you mentioned is a completely different river which meets the Thames in Kingston.
Hope that's satisfied your curiosity :o)

JP said...

couldn't agree more - attitude is what did for the Worcester Park (well that and it being one of the dirtiest pubs I had ever set foot in). Pubs need to understand that to sell a product at premium prices you need to have a premium service. Good pubs never fail.

Warwick Franklin said...

I think you'd be pleasantly surprised if you went back Barry. I went last Saturday with my wife and we had a fantastic meal. We had been a number of times over the past 18 months when it was Midas Touch (I think The Brook sounds much better) and have always been very happy with the quality of food. They have good chefs and are a real asset to WP - one of the best restaurants in the area from my experience. The re-furb looks great too!


Barry Cullum said...

Ok, next time I'm passing through town I'll give it a try...

Grab-A-Granny said...

Although it was an awful name, the pub itself was fine beforehand. It's the clientele that's off-putting. I assume it'll still be the main haunt of WP's over-50s divorcees.

SWLondoner said...

It’s the same young couple who setup the Midas. If you
remember the pub was getting in a right old state before that. They have stuck
with it worked hard and developed the business, through to this update where
the very fine restaurant is a little more screened from the other more general purpose
section of the pub. I think this will be to the benefit of the Diners. It’s great to see a business being developed
and thriving in Worcester Park when so many similar venues are closing.

We’ve enjoyed many many good meals in there over the years;
the staff are friendly and welcoming. There’s a nice well kept beer garden for
when the sun returns. Overall the place is an asset to Worcester Park giving us
all a bit more choice in terms of a places to stop in and have a drink in nice
well managed environment, a full blown meal, or a venue for a bit of a
celebration. Good luck to them.

Its also nice to see the adoption of a name with a bit of
local resonance. “The Midas” as a name was a tiny bit odd.

Google said...

What does 'all are welcome including Ismaili's?' mean?!

Simon Densley (Consv Activist) said...

If you knew what was going on in Worcester Park at the time that this was posted you would have known the answer to that. But as you seem to be an outsider merely looking for an opportunity to cast aspersions without the benefit of such knowledge, I note from behind an anonymous name too, here are my thoughts:

The local Ismaili community has recently been looking to turn the Old Worcester Park Tavern into an Ismaili community centre. This news has been met with a mix of reactions and was the dominant local issue. As well as the reasoned debate there have also been a small number of extreme comments made on both sides of the debate including some that might be considered racist.

In my view the phrase referred to should have been taken as a tough in cheek and lighthearted way of diffusing a little of the racist tension and emphasizing that those running the Sunday Quiz Night do indeed welcome everyone and do not subscribe to any racial prejudice.

If you want to see this story in context I suggest the following this link:

If you want see how the Ismaili consultation at (and regarding) the Tavern went, I suggest you look at this link:

I hope that helps.

Eeeboy said...

Seems to bear a more than passing resemblance to The Albert on Kingston Hill. Same owners?

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