Sunday, 6 October 2013

One Sided Market

With all the confusion yesterday what with historical levels of traffic being achieved again and a poor girl being hit by a car did anyone manage to get to the craft and local produce market?

The market seems to have been rejected by one side of the road, the stalls all having been set up on the South West side of Central Road. There don't seem to have been any more than last time but as usual the ones who were there were very friendly.

I do however find myself wondering if this market is going to improve as time goes on. There seem to be less stall holders each time. One that I spoke to said she would be unlikely to break even and would want to reduce her costs if she was going to come back again.

A market like this needs to be big and bustling if it is going to have a real future. That means both lots of stalls and lots of customers - each one attracting more of the other. Perhaps the one on the 1st of December will be exactly that... What do you, the dear readers and Worcester Park market goers think?

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Guest said...

The high level of traffic along Central Road ruins the experience - I'm sure the stall holders feel the same way. The fumes from cars queuing hang in the air, and, combined with the noise from engines, ruins any ambience. It must impact on the food, too.
A market like this is a brilliant idea, and we should be doing our best to support local businesses, but the impracticalities of Central Road are working against them, I feel.
You point out that the number of stalls appears to be decreasing with each of these events, and I sadly agree.
It's a shame that area by the station, up and away from the traffic isn't a bit larger as a dedicated space for people to set up stalls, that's still connected to the high street, may be a better solution. Or even the Iceland car park or similar.

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