Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Manor Park Further Update

About two weeks ago, a blog reader kindly informed me that work seems to have started on the controversial piece of land beside the railway embankment in Manor Park on Malden Road near the Plough. Diggers were there apparently clearing the site. As you can see above it has now been

Blog reader Bev has been solidly on the case and together with Conservative Councillor David Fraser (Kingston Council - Old Malden ward; pictured right) they have managed to get 313 signatures on their petition which Cllr Fraser submitted to the council on the 16th July. After receiving no response from them Bev e-mailed Kingston Council’s Chief Executive, Bruce McDonald and received a reply which included the update shown here:

As Bev put it:
"Although in the update it states that no planning applications have been made to date (25th September), in the letter dated 18 October that the owners ".............have pledged to submit a planning application for public consideration this month".  They do not give any info as to what they will be applying for and the cynic in me fears the worst, we will just have to wait and see.  The area has been cleared but the temporary fences are still in place and of course the weeds will just grow back again but I am appalled that the owners can pretty much do what they want and destroy the trees."  
No doubt Bev and Cllr Fraser will keep up the pressure and try to ensure the best outcome for this patch of Manor Park.