Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Making Your Own Jam

Blog reader Jo has emailed me about the new traffic ensemble that is now using Hampton Road (parallel to the high street) in the morning. She says:
"In the summer it was used as a new main road for drivers attempting to avoid the Central Road roadworks. This not only meant our quiet street became as noisy as a road, but the speed some motorists chose to drive down was just plain dangerous. This is our road this morning [pictured above]. Since the roadworks have finished the same drivers decided it worked well for them to cut down Kingsmead Avenue, Hampton road, and then through Waitrose car park [Stone Place]. However, they don't seem to have realised you can't do this anymore and are now all just piling up and stuck in one big jam. Ironically, when we walked past it, the high street was running smoothly and this lot who had to push out one car at a time were all trapped!"
Thanks Jo for the picture as well!