Thursday, 31 October 2013

Imminent Loss Of Power

If you live near the corner of Brinkley Road and Browning Avenue there is a good chance you will lose power for a few hours later on tonight.

I have just spotted a van, bright lights, a small mechanical digger and three gentlemen wearing 'electricity' visibility jackets digging a very deep hole there. Apparently there is currently (no pun intended) no power to one house in Brinkley due to a cable shorting out. They will need to switch off the supply to several homes, probably at around 11pm in order to isolate, test and fix the problem. They said it will probably take at least a couple of hours to do.

Unfortunately they were adamant that they didn't want me to take any pictures of the work going on. Not being one to intentionally upset anyone I chose to respect their wishes so sorry, no picture of a muddy hole this time.