Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Great Boo’s Up, Blogger

Readers may remember back in June the blog hit the 1000th post milestone and I invited readers to a blog reader’s ‘drinking event’ at what was then the Midas Touch which I termed at the time the 'Blog Readers' Ball'. Many people who weren’t able to make it asked me to do another one. And as I have passed another small milestone and have another bigger one coming up (and I enjoy the idea of such an event) I thought why not?

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For those interested, the last milestone was hitting 2000 facebook friends. Mind you this was back at the end of July and we're now over 2,100. Feel welcome to become part of this exclusive group by the way; you can boast about it to your friends! (You can do that here.)  But I digress… the other big one coming up is that the blog is on course to get its 2,000,000th  (that’s two millionth) page view. Can anyone really believe that two million people (or one very keen person) will have deliberately chosen to visit this lil’ ol blog and read the gumph that I choose to write? No, neither can I but that’s what the stats tell me so who am I to doubt them? Given the current monthly average number of page views, the oblivious two millionth visitor to this site will probably be making their historic visit sometime early next month.

So… The date I have chosen for this next event is Thursday the 7th of November. This could very easily be the actual date we hit the big 2M. It also happens to be a Thursday which, given that pubs generally don’t like holding these sorts of things on Friday or Saturday evenings as it interferes with their usual weekend custom, works out as the next best day of the week. (Sorry to those who can only do a weekend.)

The venue this time will be the HG Wells pub in Cheam Common Road (which used to be the Drill). I know it’s a bit further away than what is now the Brook, but they still have a Worcester Park postal address and a KT4 post code and they are going to be giving us free food - so I could hardly turn that down on behalf of blog readers! (Jack, the manager has said they will provide some sandwiches and stuff.) It will all begin around 7:30.

Also, like last time, there will be a video playing that will eventually reveal the blog’s dark secret of which of those who walks among us is actually the blogger… Ok, I know a lot of you know who I am already but hey, don’t spoil the surprise, at least not yet… especially the twist… Mwahahahahahahahaha