Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Further Thefts

I have received news of even more local thieving over the weekend. The police have received two reports of ‘distraction’ burglaries in the borough on Saturday (26th October). One of these was in Donnington Road, Worcester Park.

It was about lunchtime when a 92-year-old woman had her necklace stolen after she allowed a doorstep caller inside. He had told her he needed to take a closer look at a tile on her roof which was at a ‘dangerous angle’. He said he needed to go upstairs to check it out. After the man had left saying he would return, the woman found her rope style, gold coloured necklace missing.

Police advise residents not to allow inside any unknown and unexpected callers. The message is: ‘If in doubt, keep them out’. If you are suspicious of any callers, call police immediately on 999. We would rather check that everything is OK, than to find that someone has become a victim of crime.

Blog reader Shahid also contacted me to let me know that his friend's parents’ house opposite Cuddington Park was broken into. Gold and money were stolen and the house was left in a bad state.

Shahid would like to urge people that:
"If you have any Money or Gold please take it to the bank if they accept it! And if you don’t have an Alarm get one!"
Shahid also went to the trouble of locating what I assume is a reletively cheap wireless home alarm kit:

This is not an endorsement, I have never seen this product before and don't know how good or bad it is (and I preferred wired systems myself) however it might be one place to start if you are looking for such a device.

I also had a local security installer message me but I have been unsuccessful when trying to contacting him back for further details.

If you have any information about any incidents of crime, either these or any other ones, please call Sutton Police station on 101. Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.