Friday, 11 October 2013


Yesterday I was walking down Central Road at around 3:30pm looking for some lunch (rather late in the day I admit) and when many of the eateries had closed. On walking past the new Express-O Café, occupying what was the Medusa Café, I noticed it had opened and so chose to give it a try.

It transpires that they only opened on Wednesday (9th October) and are a family run business. Dad cooks the hot food while his wife (Irma) and daughter (Shay) (both pictured here in the opposite order) look after the customers. I was only after a snack so opted for a half a baguette with some curry chicken with lettuce and onion which was fresh and very nice, and a cappuccino.

Now Mrs WP knows a thing or two about coffee and some of it has rubbed off on me (still trying to remove the stains) and so I was anticipating a rather bitter coffee as it was a new machine. However this was not the case and it was actually a rather good cappuccino. I didn’t even need the extra sugar I has asked for in anticipation.

So thumbs up for both the quality of the food and the service which was both friendly and thorough – if indeed it can be judged on half a baguette and a cappuccino. The only thing missing was some deserty type things, maybe some cakes or something which would go well with an afternoon coffee. But they said they might look at doing cakes and they do do milkshakes so I’m not too worried.

Their specialty seems to be breakfast (which they serve all day); they open a 6am and a Full English adorns their shop front and menu which also features mainly burgers, chip, omelettes, jacket potatoes, sandwiches and salads. It is still early days and apparently there was more business on Thursday than there was on Wednesday so it all seems to be going in the right direction for them.