Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Definitely Not Robbing The Bank

Some slightly suspicious digging has been going on outside the HSBC bank branch in Central Road today. The gentlemen doing the work are adamant they are there to fix the electricity supply to the lift in next door’s (and above’s) Tudor Bec College. To be fair the lift has been out of order for over a week now.

They told the blog that their first priority is to get the electricity back on for the lift. So the hole (which came into being at around 10:30am) will remain for a few days while other teams come to nut out where the actual failure was and to fix in a more permanent manner.

However if anyone sees someone working there in the middle of the night wearing a top with horizontal black and white stripes or an eyemask or carrying a package marked ‘swag’, consider alerting the police…