Monday, 7 October 2013

Cold Calling Free Zone

Alan Plant putting up a 'Cold Call Control Zone' sign
Alan Plant, Chair of Chapra
North Cheam Residents’ Association Chapra (Church Hill, Abbots, Priory Residents' Association) have implemented a (no) Cold Calling Zone in the area around Church Hill Road and Priory Road.

Following requests from residents to counter unwanted doorstep traders, Alan Plant, chair of Chapra (pictured right), investigated the possibility of introducing a Control Zone. This required the majority of households in the area to be in favour of the idea and so at the start of July, with the help of Brian Cox, a Trading Standards officer at the Council, and the support of local Councillor Eric Allen, residents were surveyed as to whether they thought cold calling was a problem in their street and whether they would like to see a ‘Cold Call Control Zone’ there.

Councillor Eric Allen putting up a sign
Cllr Eric Allen
Alan Plant helping Brian Cox put up a sign
Alan helping Brian Cox
Sixty percent of residents in the area responded to the survey and out of those people 97% felt there was a problem and nearly 99% wanted a Control Zone implemented. So with the requisite community support, the scheme will be formally starting on the 1st November but Alan, Brian and Eric have been spending this morning putting up signs around the perimeter of the zone.

There is also an information pack being delivered to households within the area which includes details about Chapra and the scheme, window stickers, and also advice from the police, the council, Neighbourhood watch and even the local NHS.

Map of the Control Zone
Map of the control zone
Councillor Eric Allen told the blog that:
"This is a great achievement on behalf of Chapra and Nonsuch Neighbourhood Watch, thanks to the efforts of Alan Plant the chairman." 
This is only the second such zone to be established in Sutton. The first one was launched in Belmont in November 2010. Residents will be written to again in six months time to see if the introduction of the zone has been a success.

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Howard said...

I hope this works. Next to my bell I have a sticker issued by Kingston Council saying that we do not do business at the door or require any free advice etc. It is amazing how often it is ignored. If they persist after it has been pointed out my parting shot is that I don't do business with the apparently blind.

Howard said...

Our sticker also requests that all items be pushed fully through the letterbox but this too is often ignored. I'm not sure whether cold calling could be construed as trespass.

Howard said...

Had a young lady cold caller complete with clipboard at 2pm today-male counterpart was "doing" the other side of the road. When I pointed out the sticker about buying and selling and free advice her answer was that she was "just passing on information to the householder". She refused to say who she was and what she wanted so was promptly told to "pass on". I would have thought that it was obvious to anyone that the presence of such a sticker was a very clear indication that they would not be welcome. On the plus side,at least the young lady did not bang on the glass, or do this and ring the bell as well. When this happens I politely ask if they would care to clean off the marks they have made! With the dark winter evenings soon upon us I suppose it is only a matter of time before we get the early evening cold callers who can be very persistent when you don't open the door.

shelokay said...

I live just down green lane.. the kingfish end. I have had alot fo charities and utlility companies knocking lately. which considering I work alot of shift hours and im only around at odd times and not the expected times.. I find this alot.
I also recieve ALOT fo junk mail and leaflets.. I think many people cant be bothered to walk further into the residential areas and target us near the main road :/

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