Monday, 28 October 2013

Cancelled Trains

There have been no trains though Worcester Park station since the storms hit the area last night (More to follow). All morning trains were cancelled and the first scheduled train is currently the 12:30 to London Waterloo. You can keep an eye on this here.

Update (13:20)

There are two trains running to Dorking (13:18 - 3 mins late) and the 13:48. Everything else is cancelled up to and including the 15:18 to Dorking.

Update (13:46)

It looks like trains through to Dorking are now running. Trains to London Waterloo all still appear to be cancelled though (up until and including the 15:30) So what happens when they suddenly find all their trains are stuck in Dorking?

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vr said...

happy days!
(...) did you see the fallen tree at Waitrose car park??

jeff said...

apparently the 1230 to waterloo looks to be the first one to run

Wrong kind of storm said...

Thanks for this, Mr. Blogger - the South West Trains live update has been down virtually all morning - probably too many visitors trying to log on to it!

Jocypri said...

Thanks for the update - really glad i too an alternative route this morning - thinking it'd be best to do the same on the commute home as we all know how slow SWT are to get things fixed!

MunchBunch said...

As per the southwest trains website, no trains at all are running until tomorrow morning!!!

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