Monday, 28 October 2013

Another Theft

Blog reader Lisa has informed me that one of their neighbours in Sandringham Road was burgled only this afternoon - in the only half hour that they were all out.

It was in broad daylight and they apparently accessed the mid-terrace from an overlooked alleyway. She said:
"We were at the back of our house and didn't hear or see anything, unfortunately. Hope the little sh*ts are caught before they cause any more devastation to people."
I wholly concur.

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Anne said...

well said Lisa!

Chris said...

There was another burglary on Thursday, unless this is the same incident?!

Carol Durrant said...

My sons bike was stolen from our garden shed in kingshill avenue the shed was locked and it was not forced so how they got in I will never know and it was marked at the police station when I spoke to them and told them it had been marked they said nothing they could do! And it's probably be stripped now and sold off!dont bother getting it marked waste of time

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