Sunday, 8 September 2013

You Might Want To Sit Down

Does this look right to you? I really didn’t feel like having another moan about the works going on around Central Road. Some things look really nice like the new flower beds. The new pedestrian crossings that aren’t actually pedestrian crossings look nice too (when they’re not undergoing their monthly stone replacement). They might even make then odd driver slow down and wonder whether they ought to have let that pedestrian cross there after all.

But really, should this seat be facing the wall? I don’t know and who am I to judge but it just looks a bit wrong to me. It’s not that people can’t sit with their backs to the road watching people walk up and down past the library wall. It’s just that I’d have thought it would be nicer to sit with their backs against the wall and watch the road, the shops and people in general. It’s just a nicer view. I’m willing to accept there might be a perfectly proper reason why it has been done this way, it’s just that I can’t think of it.

As blog reader Andy (also to be thanked for the photo) put it: “Liking most of the improvements, however have my suspicions that the contractors are making it up as they go along!”

Perhaps they are. Can anyone enlighten me?

Update (16th October)

Apparently there is a reason for the seat being like this... Our old friends Elf 'n' Safety dictate that the seat cannot be around the other way when it is this close to the road, in case someone stands up into the path of an oncoming car. Hmm yeah - ok, can sort of see that one.

The reason it can't be with its back to the library wall is a bit more 'interesting'. Apparently if the seat were with its back to the wall, it might encourage graffiti on the wall by people standing on the seat. So apparently to discourage such graffiti, the answer is not to put a seat there.

I was unaware of the concept of a 'graffiti zone', below which such rascals are less interested in daubing their scrawls. Well at least if it turns out to be wrong and they end up scrawling on the wall anyway, we will have a nice seat to look at it from...