Wednesday, 4 September 2013

We Like Both Kinds

Well at least one outta two ain’t bad.
If you like your music like you like your grammar – i.e. sounding like it just rode into town from the more rural parts of the USA then you’ll be in for a treat tomorrow night (Thursday 5th September). Country Sounds is the new theme being introduced at Centrals Bar and promises a live country music night every Thursday. When I say ‘night’ I mean a live country music ‘2 hours’ between 8pm and 10pm so don’t be late!

So go lasso your pardner and bootscoot your way down to Centrals Bar (in the bottom section of Central Road but I’m sure you know that by now) with a bag full of equally awful clichés for a weekly dose of Country Music.

I guess this is where I’m supposed to say ‘Yee Haw’…