Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Police are looking for a vehicle which may have been connected to burglaries in the Worcester Park area. A White Citroen Berlingo van (similar to this one here) with the registration LD52 LPZ was seen by the Hamptons security guard driving slowly around the estate last night and shining a torch through windows. According to the police, the suspects first scope out the properties and then return later to 'do the job' entering through the back of the property.

If you know about or see this van (or any other suspicious activity), please call the police on 101 (stating you've seen this vehicle behaving suspiciously) or 999 if they are trying to break in.

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Observation Post said...

help noticing that the police are a damned site quicker off the mark
appealing to the public on this one than they were with the attempted
money grab at the Barclays ATM. That took them nearly 3 months to make
Surely nothing to do with The Hamptons being a wealthy estate?... no, surely not....

Neighbour said...

@Observation Post Nice conspiracy theory. But as someone personally closer to this bulletin that went out it was the fact that the guard challenged the suspicious activity (and the vehicle then sped off), noted the index and called the police, who were also looking for a similar vehicle which may be connected to burglaries in the area.

The promptness was down to a proactive and coordinated neighbourhood. Like there was kind of Watch, perhaps?

guest D said...

Clearly, that is the case. Firstly I'm not a Hamptons resident. But from previous posts it seems the Hamptons have a security patrol who are on the look out for incidents. I would guess that the owner and or staff are ex police, so naturally reports like this, suspicious behaviour, would be taken more seriously by the police than from you or I as they would have a closer relationship.

Therefore, yes it does have something to do with the Hampton's being a wealthy estate, but only so much as they pay for security and they will attract more crime of this nature.

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