Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Safe And Sound

An unopened safe has been found tossed into the parkland on the Hamptons. It has been fairly badly damaged in a probable attempt to get it open but the contents are still inside. If you know someone who has lost a safe like this (or most likely had one stolen) please get them to contact:

John Cornish
Hamptons Estate Manager
10 Sherbrooke Way,
Worcester Park,

You can also telephone him on 07554 117717.

I hope the police will get a chance to get a forensics team onto it as well. We can't have people running about stealing safes willy nilly. It just wouldn't be right.

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Jocypri said...

It's nice to see another member of Worcester Park putting some money back in to their business, but i cant help but think the money would have been better spent on some "people skills" classes for their staff. Every time i go in there they seem totally put out by my requesting a drink, and act like it's a total inconvenience for them to serve me. It's so bad that i don't frequent as often any more - i prefer to walk up to the North End where the staff greet you with a smile!

A Hamptons Resident said...

To the people that still turn up asking around and "claiming" to be the "owners" of the safe at odd hours - NO-ONE IS BUYING IT. Your description and car index have been taken down by security and recorded on CCTV, and HAVE been forwarded to the police. Seeing that the safe was evidence likely involved in a burglary, police will be very curious as to why you are so interested in "claiming it back" and will be in touch with you.

If you are the legitimate owner of this safe, you should contact the police (if you haven't already done so, to say, report a burglary?)

Malik Ashar Azeem said...

Park are the most realaxed places thanks for sharing it with us.

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