Friday, 13 September 2013

Power Down

Several homes and businesses in North Cheam were left without power today after a squashed cable gave out this morning at around 6:30am. Many businesses on the South East side of London Road near Senhouse Road and around 5 homes in Senhouse Road were all affected.

According to the gentlemen fixing the problem, a telecoms box had been built on top of the mains cable at the corner of London Road and Senhouse Road about 15 years ago and over that time it has slowly squashed the cable until it ceased to function early this morning. There had been reports from nearby business of intermittent power for a few days so this was most likely an indication of what was coming.

The telecoms box has been removed and cable being fixed hopefully with power restored close to the time this is posted. The telecoms box will need to be replaced at a later date. The photo on the right shows the green telecoms conduit above the power cable.