Sunday, 22 September 2013

Illuminating Point

Nearly everyone I chat with at the entrance to Stone Place (yes I’m sad like that) tells me about how many vehicles still come thundering out that way against the new one way system. This included the friendly gentlemen whose job it was today to try to put a stop to all that by installing these illuminated arrows to remind people about to go in that they can, erm… continue to go in this way. So far so good.

Thing is… it’s the people intending to come out that way who need to be deterred from their imminent departure and gently reminded to take the detour via Windsor Road (much to the loathing of Windsor Road residents… but that’s another story… which can be found here). The people going in don’t need to actually do anything different. So I’d have kinda thought that the priority would have been to draw greater attention to the no exit signs on the other side. These however are still shrouded in darkness. I hope another visit by these gentlemen has been organised...