Sunday, 22 September 2013

Illuminating Point

Nearly everyone I chat with at the entrance to Stone Place (yes I’m sad like that) tells me about how many vehicles still come thundering out that way against the new one way system. This included the friendly gentlemen whose job it was today to try to put a stop to all that by installing these illuminated arrows to remind people about to go in that they can, erm… continue to go in this way. So far so good.

Thing is… it’s the people intending to come out that way who need to be deterred from their imminent departure and gently reminded to take the detour via Windsor Road (much to the loathing of Windsor Road residents… but that’s another story… which can be found here). The people going in don’t need to actually do anything different. So I’d have kinda thought that the priority would have been to draw greater attention to the no exit signs on the other side. These however are still shrouded in darkness. I hope another visit by these gentlemen has been organised...

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Give us back our 2-way street said...

Mr. Blogger, I am surprised that you continue to be surprised by Sutton Council's culture of maximum investment to achieve minimised return!
Before, the pavement to the left of your photo was neither pavement nor roadway, but some kind of concrete brickwork structure that was impassable by foot or vehicles. Sutton Council fixed this by removing it (good news!) but merely converted it to a second, largely redundant super-extra-wide pavement entrance to the car park and reduced the traffic flow by half. (Really, really bad news!)

Your photo illustrates very well how easily the entrance could accommodate a second lane and provide two-way traffic (as before), whilst retaining one enhanced wide, safe, pavement entrance to the car park.

And reintroducing the extra road width can once more will allow Iceland to make deliveries at sensible times, to prevent local residents in adjacent streets having to be woken at 5am, every day.

Perhaps its Sutton Council who need to be woken up?

It isn't just the vehicles themselves. There is a tremendous noise from the crashing of metal cages being dropped to street level, the metal against metal crash of them being slammed shut and them being trundled on and off the tail lift of the vehicle.

Sarah said...

I complete agree. Sutton Council's track record about well pretty much anything in Worcester Park but most especially anything to do with traffic is frankly awful

Loveearlymornings said...

Absolutely agree this should return to being a two way street.

Drove along here this morning having only just become aware of this recent change by virtue of a disturbing oaf of a man who took it upon himself to jump In front of me and shout obscenities.

Are cctv cameras around this road to observe road traffic contraventions, together with any ensuing pedestrian related road rage?

People don't like change and if it ain't broke don't try to fix it. Traffic flow au contraries is still frankly appalling.

Loveearlymornings said...

Except for of course those lousy sneaky two faced smart cars. Milking the cash cow of their own depravity. In this department they are exceptionally well ahead of their own game.

guest D said...

As soon as the signage is complete, I'm sure that they will start using CCTV to use the fines and penalty points, TS50 £60 + 3 points I think.

Pay attention said...

The two large 'No Entry' signs weren't sufficient notice for you????!!

jen jen said...

things change you dont go up the high street in a horse and cart anymore so just try and be aware of what is going on its no excuse whether you like it or not to come out the wrong way any more than going over a red light yes thats you cyclists as well

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