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Green Lane Mosque hearing - Next Wednesday

The other letter has come through now - the one about the second Green Lane application - not to be confused with the appeal on the decision about the first. (Glad that's all cleared up then.)

This one is not a special hearing like the last one at Cheam High School was, but is just one of the items on the agenda at the Development Control committee meeting next Wednesday in the Europa Gallery at Sutton Civic Offices in St Nicholas Way, Sutton, SM1 2EA. There should be quite a lot of people at this meeting because as well as the Mosque decision, another item on this agenda is a controversial plan for a McDonalds in Wallington which should bring in the crowds too. However the Mosque application is the first on the agenda. If you want to be present at this meeting that will decide if Green Lane gets a Mosque or not, I would suggest be early as it could be standing room only. It starts at 8pm.

And of course remember there is still the appeal against the first decision, happening on the 26th of November at Strawberry Lodge in Carshalton - but we'll get to that one after this one...

Again thanks to those who sent me copies of their letters.


Council Planners have recommended that the application is rejected. For more info see:

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guest said...

When the first application was being discussed on this blog I recall, I hope correctly, several people claiming that the 'mosque' was needed because it would serve a different Islamic sect from other nearby mosques.
Now we are told
"The applicant has confirmed that the four other mosques located within a 5 mile radius of the site follow the same branch of Islam as that served by this proposed mosque."

Perhaps someone who understands these things better than I do would explain the apparent contradiction.

guest D said...

I think those people were referring to the Mega Mosque in Morden, which does follow a different branch of Islam. The applicant is here confirming that there is availabilty of Mosques within 5 miles that follow the same branch.

vr said...

I have read all documents sent to the Planning Department on the first and second application and Applicant has confirmed that all four mosques located within 5 miles radius (Morden, Sutton, Epsom and Kingston) indeed follow the same branch of Islam.
This one and a few other contradictions have been pointed out to the Applicant who does not seem to be the most honest person in the world.

Guest said...

I've never found that the adherence to any religion makes a person more, or less, honest than anyone else.
It will be interesting to see if the applicant is man enough to attend the meetings to defend his own application and appeal, or whether he puts up another stooge.

Stewart Consv Mackay said...

I think the applicant has shown consistency on that anyway!

Observation said...

In answer to the question, "How many churches are there?" If a Christian only recognised certain churches and adamantly refused to acknowledge others, we would think them unbalanced fanatics with rather extreme and anti-social views. We perhaps might even label them 'Unchristian'.

What exactly are we supposed to make of a similar situation, where a Muslim acknowledges only their own branch of Islam and refuses to recognise all others?

guest D said...

Really it is no different to the situation whereby twenty years ago someone from the Shanklin road would not be seen dead in a Roman Catholic Church. Only two years ago there were expressions of shock when Peter Robinson announced he would attend a Catholic Mass to honour a murdered policeman.

In WP there are at least 5 churches serving two of the five major branches of Christianity, I don't think there are any Orthodox or Coptic churches but I could be wrong. On Cheam Common Road there are two almost facing each other.

Imagine if you were a protestant and someone said to you 'there is a Russian Orthodox Church, that is Christian, you can go there.' So the branch of islam followed is relevant to the application.

A former colleague of mine and an Anglican lay preacher insisted that the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints was not Christian, perhaps he should be labelled 'Unchristian'.

Researching further the Morden mosque follows the Ahmadiyya branch of Islam, who list Southfields and Catford as their only other Mosques in London, so perhaps for once they were speaking the truth.

Gordo's Neighbour said...

I've had a look at the "Planning & Design and Access Statement" dated June 2012, which accompanied the original application (I believe). In Paras 5.10 to 5.12 ('The Need for a Mosque within Worcester Park') the document does state that there are 4 mosques within a 5 mile radius of the site, none within a 3.5 m radius, and that the catchment area for the proposed mosque would be approx. 2km.

If we are now being told "The applicant has confirmed that the four other mosques located within a 5 mile radius of the site followed the same branch of Islam as that served by this proposed mosque," perhaps someone can bring my attention to the inconsistency on the applicant's part in respect of this issue?

There was some rather 'tasty' debate on this blog with claims and counter-claims being made and it wouldn't surprise me if someone made the statement that the nearby mosques were of a different sect (the Morden mosque certainly adhers to a sect that some Muslims consider heretical). But from what I've read of the original application, the applicant seems to have been consistent on the point that there are other mosques nearby serving his community and that the catchment area of the proposed mosque is approx. 2km.

In relation to the appeal, I think he's got a good argument with regard to the traffic issue if he focusses on this small catchment area.

I'm honestly torn on this one. Instinctively I don't want the mosque to be there but I can't think of a logical reason that is not-racist or anti-Islam. I'm concerned that both hearings will result in the applicant/appellant being drummed out by mob rule (again) and mob rule would be some much more pernicuous than the proposed mosque.

vr said...

Well, he attended previous meeting in December 2012 but... he couldn't say a word in English...

Parkerilla said...

vr can you illuminate us, was the applicant there? When called forward by the Chairman he didn't, a person who could speak English but wasn't the applicant did? I'm intrigued by your comment.

John Bevan said...

Does it matter how many Mosques there are in the area, we don't seem to be concerned about the number of Christian based churches. Its about time people were honest, brave and came out with the real reasons why they are objecting to this application (please don't waste time with the car parking excuse, look at the chaos outside of all churches).

Having the place occupied would at least tidy up the building and area and stop it looking like the greasy mess that the Fish and Chip shop next door is allowed to get away with.

lauren said...

if your opinions are different to others then feel free to express them... everyone has stated their opinion which you should accept. It would without a doubt NOT "tidy the area up"
you mentioned:, look at the chaos outside of all churches
would this problem happen to occur every Sunday?- one day a week for only a few hours in the morning...this will not be the case with the mosque as stated in their application, which again IS a problem to the area. i think you need not to assume so much

Resident not contractor said...

"Does it matter how many Mosques there are in the area?" It does when the intention is to bring 140+ people by car, from Kingston but they have no car park! So does it matter how many cars it brings and where they are going to park, when they arrive using already congested roads? Many of us think it does matter.

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