Friday, 20 September 2013

Gone To Pot

I was nice to see the last set of flower beds outside Iceland being sorted out this afternoon. Work began at around 8am and I believe was finished around lunch time. 

Taking a somewhat reflective standpoint, this has all taken a while longer than planned and there have certainly been a few clangers but overall I would say we have a more pleasant high street than it was before. Now we just need to sort out all those empty shops, get more parking and reduce the traffic jams and we might be getting somewhere.

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Notablogger said...

All very nice and I'm never one to look a gift horse in the mouth but the problems in Worcester Park (and high streets generally) run a lot deeper than a simple absence of flower beds.

I'm sure Sutton Council and TFL must have asked businesses what the barriers are to success on the high street. And I'm sure very few will have pointed to the lack of kerbside herbaceous borders as a major threat to their profitability.

Of course we need to have nice environments that are conducive to shopping, but let's tackle the big problems first.

Let's see some real targeted investment to alleviate the real problems for small business on the high street - spiralling rents, high rates, parking issues, lack of loans and grants, high setup costs, lack of collective buying power.

Then we can worry about the variegated foliage.

What a waste of 2 million said...

Apparently the next investments are to be targeted on a mural on the library and a temporary wooden structure on the side of Iceland - apparently just the computer generated designs cost many thousands, so goodness knows how much the actually doing it will actually cost!

This is after temporary paper veneers on Victoria House, benches that face backwards, creating restricted access to the car park, actively preventing traders from delivering at sensible times, creating 'fake' crossings with disintegrating brickwork, losing car park spaces for the sake of an unnecessary bus stop... all decisions made in a pub, perhaps? Maybe after consuming a long line of drinks, supplied by a so very generous contractor, standing by with a pen and a contract at the ready?

£2 million quid from the Mayor's Outer London Fund... and all there is to show for it is a trail of wasted opportunities and unpopular failures that Sutton Council threw money at, ignoring the knowledge, experience and protests of those actually living and working here. The flower beds look very nice - at least, the moment. Though some nice new flower beds doesn't even start to make up for aimlessly wasting big money on nonsense, does it?

Howard said...

They look very nice but as with the one on the other side of the road further up the hill by the pedestrian crossing for cyclists they are a little too close to the kerb. I nearly twisted my ankle when stopping there for the lights as my foot came off the kerb into the soil/compost.It will also be fun when it is wet and the beds are muddy.

John Bevan said...

Nice planning to put it opposite the Iceland trolley park creating a very nice pedestrian pinch point. Great stuff, well done to all!

Resident not a contractor said...

It seems this engineering wonder consists of an enclosed rectangle of earth, with an even distribution of plants - hardly the Great Wall of China and the hanging gardens of Babylon. However, I do note your familiarity with civil engineering terms - any personal connection with this project, just by chance?

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