Thursday, 12 September 2013

Finishing The Last Hole

The gas replacement work happening in the roads around Green Lane and Browning Avenue is coming to an end. Pictured here is the last big hole (at the corner of Green Lane and Hazlemere Gardens) . The pipe work should be all done by the end of today and the holes all filled in and finished off by Thursday of next week. There are still just two more holes to be dug at the top of Pembury Avenue, which will have to be done as a separate job and will require separate permission from the council.

Sean Jordan who has been running the operation was pleased to tell the blog that this should now mean an end to the road being dug up to fix gas leaks. He added
“I have been very happy with the way this project has gone as we have finished in good time and have had very few complaints.”
He also mentioned that they have they finished the Green Lane gas mains renewal project one month ahead of schedule.

There have been a few issues highlighted by the blog but there have also been quite a few compliments about the politeness of the team and the fact that they have gone out of their way to be as accommodating as possible. They even went out of their way to make a video especially for Worcester Park to explain what they were doing and why. So not bad for a utility company!

It’s no rest for the wicked though as Sean and his crew will be starting work next week around Tudor Avenue and Oaks Avenue in North Cheam.

Update (22nd September)

It looks like it really is finished! All the equipment has been removed from the semi-circular green on Browning Avenue. Although I spotted what looked like the same pile of equipment plus a bit more on the green triangle at the London Road entrance to Oaks Avenue in North Cheam.

Sean Jordan, who ran the project around Worcester Park is running the operation over that way has has promised to show me what is planned so I can keep readers up to date.