Sunday, 8 September 2013

Cocinar, Comer y Hablar Gratis

Our local Spanish chefs cum language teachers are having an open day this coming Wednesday at their premises in Lynwood Drive.

Cooking Your Spanish” is the continental conversational and culinary couplet Ana and David who are two Spanish professionals, residents and home owners in Worcester Park. Their mission is to teach Spanish and Hispanic culture using a kitchen environment (as a vehicle - so it is not a cookery class) but students will prepare and eat tapas while they learn and practice Spanish.

The open day on Wednesday will give people the chance to go along and try it out without parting with the pounds (and perhaps gaining some). This is the second such event and readers may have seen a few posters about the place (like this one above) and even attended the first one.

This Hispanic experience will be taking place at Suite 12, Fitzroy House, Lynwood Drive, KT4 7AT from 5pm until 8:30. See their webite: for information. So go along and enjoy! Ole!