Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Vandals Wreck Nursery Garden

Last night a group of youths broke into the Kidsunlimited nursery in North Cheam. They smashed garden benches up and graffitied the walls and toys and windows as well as urinating in the sand pit, large planters, and in sheds which contained their cushions, soft furnishings, wellys and outdoor rain clothing, alongside the toys. They also stole balls and a trike from the garden. The garden was very badly vandalized and much of the children's lovely work was destroyed.

The police were called to the scene at 10:30pm but the youths had gone by the time they arrived. According to the police they had managed to unlock a gate to the garden area from the inside.

The damage was only seen by the manager this morning who opened up and couldn’t believe what had happened. The graffiti contained some of the most vile language and luckily had only been written in the chalk, crayons and the washable pens that were there for the children. This meant it could be and was removed by hand fairly promptly.

The vandals also tried to break into the building itself but were fortunately unable to and so concentrated on destroying the garden area as much as they could instead.

Police and forensics have been on site to gather evidence and the group have been caught on CCTV. It was a group of white teenagers.

There have been offers of help from local people including local parliamentary candidate Paul Scully who offered to bring together some local businesses to help. However the nursery has released the following statement:
“We are most grateful for the expressions of concern and offers of help from our neighbours but we have already taken steps to replace anything that was damaged and the nursery garden is now back safe for the children to enjoy”
If anyone has any information which could help, please contact the police on 101, or anonymously on 0800 555 111. Always call 999 if a crime is currently happening or if anyone is in danger.

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Kendo said...

Possibly the same b******* who've smashed up the new paving slabs under one of the benches in Cuddington Park and scattered the pieces everywhere. Hope they're caught. Put them in the stocks and let local justice prevail...

Big jim said...

How disgusting. Hope they get caught and get bummed in juvi.

Andrew said...

Definitely should be named and shamed, and CCTV footage posted publicly. Why do this to children's things? To defile a little kids safe and comfortable learning environment in such a way displays a seriously imbicilic deficit within their tiny tiny 'minds'. Scum of the actual earth, who deserve to be absolutely vilified for this amongst their community.

S Jackson said...

Without a doubt they should be named and shamed. I wonder how much they would appreciate this sort of treatment to their homes and possessions! What a disgusting bunch of juveniles with not one shred of common decency. What dreadful times we live in. Unbelievable.

@soapboxbadger said...

They're probably benefit scroungers too so will be let off with a slap on the wrist because its only their 31st offence.

They should be made to fix the damage they've caused so all us parents who pay good money for our kids to attend such a great nursery can see the scoundrels suffer loads of embarrassment. said...

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