Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Self-Littering Eyesore

Edna Rowland and Alan Plant from the Chapra Residents' Association
A local North Cheam residents' association has expressed concern about Victoria House and the peeling ‘art work’ that is starting to fall off and litter the area around the building. Alan Plant, chair of the CHAPRA Residents’ Association who regularly tend the area around Victoria House, has written to the chair of Sutton’s Outer London Fund project board and the Project Manager, to warn them about the “disaster just about to happen which will rubbish and blight the area far more than it is already”, and ask what can be done about it.

Alan Plant earlier this year
Stonegate Homes, the company which bought Victoria House last year were given planning permission by Sutton Council to demolish it and build a new development incorporating numerous residential flats, several retail units and a police office. However Stonegate homes have since put the building back on the market prompting question about whether they actually intended to do the work in the first place or else whether the Council made too many demands to make it worth their while proceeding.

The artistic wallpaper, which cost several thousand pounds and was paid for out of London Mayor, Boris Johnson’s Outer London Fund, was only ever supposed to be a temporary job. According to Alan Plant:

“The grass is littered with small pieces of paper and wrappers that possibly needs a blower to dislodge and sweep up, but that is minor problem compared with the litter already coming down from the walls of Victoria House as the artwork has now exceeded its intended life.”

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Bob said...

What a waste of money - it looked bloody awful when it first went up - and has got progressively worse. Better idea would be to put hoardings around the whole site and paint them a suitable colour

Michael said...

I agree, I am surprised to read that we tax payers paid for that hideous attempt at artwork. Whoever signed off the budget and approved that mess should be sacked.

Focus on Council Services said...

When I
first heard about this plan to tart up this building, I objected to the
Council spending any money at all: I was far from the only voice.

Firstly, on the principle that public funds were for public services, and certainly not for investing in privately owned buildings.
Secondly because the private owner was not providing any of the investment, nor apparently had ever been asked to.
Thirdly, because there was clearly no potential, nor aspiration for a financial return on this public investment: it was money down the drain.
Fourthly, because it was abundantly clear to everyone, that the council's representatives were completely out of their depth: They can't see beyond the nearest hi-res mock-up.
Finally, because Sutton Council's representatives were completely under the spell of and jumping to the tune of the contractor, who, I'm sure, made a huge return on their investment.

Public money is for investment in public services. If Sutton's public servants want to throw money at commissioning arty farty projects, let them indulge using their own money and in their own time, where their costly mistakes will impact upon only themselves.

Linda Ashby said...

Well for another few years we will still have the eyesore of North Cheam, I am of the opinion that the council delayed the planning permission for so long that Stonegate said enough is enough and are now selling the building. I see the squatters have moved im and I expect the next thing will be the car lot having cars for sale again. When will Sutton Liberal Council learn to look after North Cheam they are an absolute disgrace, all the money from Boris is being spent in Worcester Park and what a waste that is as the traffic is certainly not moving any quicker through the High St. Never mind we must have an election next year and get rid of these liberal councillors for once and for all.

guest D said...

It's more likely the developers playing the get more out of the council game, like the 40 odd year Battersea Power Station and at least 6 developers, each getting concessions from Wandsworth Council at deciding when they are about to start work on the listed power station they can't afford it. So of to a new developer and a new round of concessions.

And during that time pigs have flown over it twice.

Barry Cullum said...

Your cynical comments made me chuckle a bit...... because you're so right.

Barry Cullum said...

The outlook for you looks bleak Linda.... according to the Sutton Lib/Dem website, they've been in power there for the last 25 years.....
mmmmmm... very odd definition of the word "power" there. Let's just say they've been sitting on their bums for 25 years huh?

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