Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Invisible Workmen

For about three days now a set of three way traffic lights has been impeding traffic flow at the corner of Central Road and Balmoral Road while the two month old crossing is dug up to replace the ‘laid by amateurs’ stone with new stone (like the other one done recently). However it would seem these people (hopefully professionals this time) are in fact invisible. For three days I have both driven and walked past this work site and not seen a single soul actually working there.

Now perhaps they are taking an extra long tea break, perhaps I happened to have passed each time when they had all gone simultaneously for lunch. Perhaps they have a lookout watching for me who shouts “Hide” every time I come within 50 metres. But whatever it is there doesn’t seem to be anyone around and not a lot of work going on in the intervening time. Once again Worcester Parkers are treated to having to stop and wait while nothing actually gets done to shorten the amount of time this goes on for.

The top picture was taken yesterday (29th Aug) the one on the right was taken the day before. It is perhaps worth mentioning that this is also the site of the recent car accident which wrecked all the street furniture here.