Monday, 12 August 2013


Many readers are already aware that the old Worcester Park Tavern has been taken over by squatters. In fact several readers have kindly emailed me about it. So if you were wondering why I have not posted about it until now, here is the reason:

On Monday the 23rd of July, a couple of days after they had moved in, I went to see what I could find out about them. They were friendly enough and really wanted a chance to put across their point of view. I offered them the chance to do that and in return they would answer a few questions (some difficult) and give Worcester Parkers an insight into what is going on there. They agreed and the following evening I went to see them with my video camera.

Editing this has been a time consuming project so that’s why it has taken until now to get this up and posted. I hope you feel it has been worth it.

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Graham said...

Fair play!

Ape said...

Fantastic job there! They are good people but that iconic building and its neighbourhood deserve better use

Ian said...

Everybody falls on tough times at some point in their lives... This guy seems friendly and legit so fair play to them for putting the Pub to good use... Better that it's used for something productive like homing people rather than just sitting there empty... Good work Mr Blogger giving them a platform to get their voice across!

resident said...

Sorry but I couldnt care less about them, squatters ruin peoples lives, do they have permission to be there? Are they paying rent? Im guessing a no.
All of us are hard working people paying rent, council tax, bills, while they go around scot free, and in regards to you missing your daughters graduation, she must be so proud of you.

Michael said...

About 15 seconds on Google and I found plenty of rentable dwellings well below what the guy in the video is quoting. If he is working he is most likely being paid cash in hand and pays no tax while claiming benefits too as is often the case. If they are working and are really serious and want a place to settle, They need to spend about 15 seconds on Google doing what I just did for any town that is outside the M25 and prices would be even lower.

While I have sympathy for people with financial difficulty there seems to be plenty of talk of being able to afford drink and offers to pay for amenities and rent. The guys says he is self employed so why not do what everyone else does and just rent a property. Does this sound harsh, aggressive or unreasonable to suggest? This is a life choice described by one of them, moving from friends/squat to squat as they travel.

A good piece by WP Blogger. Only time will tell if the owners of the property will want/agree to let them stay.

Even though they seem nice 'face to face' on camera, I worry that, as has been shown time and again, crime tends to increase in areas where homeless/desperate/travelers invade and squat in other peoples property whether legally or not.

Bill said...

Amen to that, they also claim to travel the world, so wheres this money coming from?

ttcharlo said...

Are you actually being serious to think this is ok?! The gypsies are almost in exactly the same position, these people can just talk a hell of a lot more. How ridiculous.

Simon said...

I'm not up to speed on squatting rights but if entering a property you don't own and have been casing for a few days is legal.... well that doesn't sound right to me!

In any case, from the video they seem nice and friendly and mean no harm so I wish them no ill will there. Rent + deposit is expensive and even looking at the zoopla link below, they were not cheaper than what the chap suggested he could afford to pay (although I do know there are places that are within the M25 even).

I think as pertinent as it is to gain an insight into what they are doing within the building, it would ease many more people's minds to know what they are doing with their lives so they are not there beyond the few months they intend to be there. Or maybe I'm just nosey!

And to the 'resident' that took a dig about missing the daughter's graduation, I find that pretty crass and quite disgusting.

guest said...


I take your point about there are plenty of places to rent at affordable rents, but these days even if you can afford the rent they can be out of reach as nearly all Landlords want extensive credit checks, proof of residence over the last two years and references from previous landlords, along with a very significant deposit.

It would be almost impossible for this group to provide that. For my daughter getting her first flat, I had to stand as a guarantor so she could get on the ladder.

Our society is becoming increasingly detached as an under class is created who have a very solid barrier being created to prevent them crossing.

Susan K said...

Err why have they still got electricity and water! Who's picking up that bill? Cut them off then see how attractive it is! If not I'll run a power cable up to my house and keep the house nice and warm all winter. Happy days!!!

Jon said...

Not ideal, but would rather them than the gypsies any day!!!

Squatter's wrong's said...

The only distinguishing feature I can see concerning the squatters as oppose to the gypsies, is that the squatters use the properties services and leave a mess inside, whereas the gypsies don't use the services and leave a mess outside. Both (il)legally enter the premises and take up residence where they aren't wanted.

Presumably it is a criminal offence if they are living in any of the upstairs 'residential' parts of the premises, for which they can be evicted by the police and fined.

jımmy said...

dıscustıng ı new the people that used to own that they need to up there securıty dırty tramps and pıkeys

guest said...

Almost certainly the power company initially and then all the other customers eventually. They usually by pass the meter, most squatters always walk with a set of 60 amp fuses in case those have been taken out by the property owner.

That's the usual way of getting them out of a commercial property, send in the police to arrest them for theft of electricity.

guest said...

No the new law applies only to totally residential properties, it might apply though if there was a self contained granny flat.

The police can go in to deal with the theft of electricity though and 'rehouse' them that way.

Samantha said...

I am a former Worcester Park resident and cannot quite believe no-one is controlling what is happening at this location?? These people are criminals. Where are the police? Why are they being allowed to get away with freeloading when everyone else has to pay rent, taxes, bills and live within the law. Come on people stand up for the town. It is a great place to live but scum like this are going to ruin it. Please!

Linda Martin said...

i totally agree-it is sooo hard to get a place especially when you've come out of a relationship and had to start again from scratch! I left a controlling violent husband ...After privatley renting and doin all my savings on renting (£48,000 to be exsact-over 5yrs), one landlord demaned £11,000 rent and fees for a year in advance! I obliged as thought as I was working still had 2 teenagers with me I had no choice as could not get social housing.

I ended up having a nervous breakdown as had to move 5 times in 5 yrs as each time i made the home beautiful the landlord decided to sell!!

I then had other medical issues and finally got a housing association house after 4yrs on the list. I am there for 2 and a half yrs..the kids both working get their own places....
I then have to move AGAIN as I cannot work and can't afford the new bedroom taxes!! The move cost me over £1,000 and six months on have no money left for decorationg!! So anyone else reading this, i feel sorry for genuine people like myself as to rent a 3 bed was £1,050.00 pm!! and that was without council tax and water rates!!
If i were the landlord, Iwould make a leagle contract up for them ..

1)- not to allow any more people reside there,

2)-employ the sqatters to do the security as the previous security firm obviously DIDN'T do the job properly!

3)They have said they are willing to pay their way so LET them.
4) Get court papers to say that once the bulldozers or whatever is going to happen to the buliding has a date they MUST leave.
It did look to me like there are defentley 3 different types of people living in the hotel judging by the video, but please don't assume they are doing what they are doing because they want to!
Not everyone has a good deal with life-let them stay, take down the eyesores of boarding and do us all a favour and STOP being bloody racis to travellers, squatters or poor people!!!

By the way well done to the worcester park blog as I've really enjoyed listerning to all sides! :-) you must have put a lot of time and effort into yr film-well done !!!

Linda Martin said...

discusting comments, you are lucky to have a job-my son has now but after 4 yrs of college a-levels and deplomas's he finally got a job after 15months of no-stop interviews where more than 250 applicants for each job-he finally got a job! How discusting is the comment about missing his daughter's graduation-talk about kick a man when he's down, that is day he will never get to experience again, you should be ashamed!

Linda Martin said...

good for you, i was beginning to think I was on my own here!! :-) it's sooo easy for people to make snide remarks when they have good jobs, family and homes!

Linda Martin said...

I agree! :-)

Linda Martin said...

true, but while they are waiting for it to get derilict, isn't it better to have people paying their way (they do want to) living there and keeping it tidy as it looks a right eyesore at the moment!

Linda Martin said...

watch all of the interview ou will see only one of the squatters said that, don't tarr everyone with the same brush-read my earlier comments please

Linda Martin said...

he said he would only like to stay to get enough money for a deposit-it'sreally tough when you loose a home through a break-up and have o start again with nothing and no home.

Linda Martin said...

such racis comments!

Linda Martin said...

why does eveyone on here seem to tarrrr every squatter, gypsy, traveller with the same brush! should we say then african's nigerians, indians are all the same as they are black? Or Malaysians, Korean, Chineese and Japaness are all yellow??
it makes me soooo cross as we are a mulit-cultured nation of British people and yet we are supposed to live in the UNITED KINGDOM with equal rights for every one and here we are again with the comments that have totally discusted me this eveing.

Okay true poeple hear the word Gypsies, they filthy dirty low life scumbags, those of you who amke these comments how many of you have actually met or talked to any, or even been in their immaculate homes?

Okay Squatters, are automatically branded with filthy dirty,druggy hippy scum who have free luv parties (LOL LOL)

OMG i could go on and on-all of you who judge these people without looking at your own lives and what goes on in it need to STOP and THINK before writing anymore rubbish!! watch the video that the wp blogger did all the way through b4 you judge!

Dave said...

Would you extend the same largesse to anyone found 'squatting' on your property?
And please run your text through a spellchecker before posting. It won't improve your literacy, but should make it more intelligible.

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A said...

I am not sure what the present position of the pub is, but it still has a for sale sign outside, so I can only presume that it is still for sale.

Following the travellers moving in a few months ago and leaving tons of their rubbish behind for the owners to clear up, and now the squatters moving in and living inside, how on earth are the owners supposed to find a buyer now?? So in a way, the squatters moving in to the property are sealing it's fate - i.e sadly the iconic pub will eventually just be pulled down.

The hoardings are there to protect the place from being vandalised and broken in to - but obviously this doesn't stop some people as the outside looks like something from Chernobyl and there are people living inside!

Who in their right mind would now pay to save this building??

If every 'derelict' building had squatters living in them, they would remain derelict indefinitely as how can you sell a building when it is inhabited by squatters?! And if you follow this through to it's logical conclusion, i.e each time a business closed the site became derelict and stayed that way, Worcester Park and any similar town would become a ghost town.

So I don't think there is a justification for it.

I am not tarring everyone with the same brush, and I agree the provisions for people who genuinely want to work to earn a living but have fallen into hard times in this country is pretty poor in some cases, but there is no doubt that the squatters are to the detriment of the building and the town in general, as were the travellers.

They are stealing electricity and presumably water, and I guarantee you that they will not leave the place immaculate on the inside - would you like to go in there and clear up their mess after they have been living there for months on end?

They are a bunch of men, single men, do you HONESTLY think they will be keeping the place clean and tidy?! It will become a filthy hovel in no time at all. The bin men don't collect rubbish from there, I very much doubt they brought with them a hoover or any other cleaning utensils. I challenge you to go in there in one month and see the condition of the place.

Like the poster above said, notwithstanding it is now a criminal offence, would you be so kind if it was your home they were squatting in?

Hrtless said...

Being British born with Indian parents, I always thought of myself as being quite light skinned for my ethnicity. However, Linda Martin you have destroyed this illusion! To be honest, no one's ever mentioned to me that I looked 'african's nigerians' - whatever that would be.

To think that for all these years I've used factor 30 sun screen in order to remain as fair skinned as possible, and yet this was all in vain.

Thank you Linda Martin, for your in-depth and intellectual analysis of ethnic physical characteristics. I feel all warm inside.

Guest said...

Watched the video-very good- made up my mind they are scum bags and should be evicted quickly!!!
This whole squatter thing is a bit too easy , where were security, why was a window left open and how did the interviewee know about 'Green Lane' fiasco.
The strange thing is that the owners of the building (and their Security firm seem very relaxed about it and the previous occupation of site by the Gypsies. Is it a ploy to get Kingston Council to relax any future planning request for a 'quick' resolution of change of use, to say a Mosque ??????
By the way Linda please get a dictionary, your spelling is atrocious.

Worcester Park Blogger said...

Just to clarify - He knew about the Green Lane situation because I told him about it when asking if they were in any way connected with the old Bank Chambers' squatters.

Notablogger said...

Great squatumentary. The squatters have done a decent job at trying to justify what they are doing. Fair enough, they do not seem to be the disrespectful traveller types who leave piles of rubbish wherever they go and they seem to be treating the place nicely, but they broke into someone else's and are living their without permission.

The Worcester Park Tavern is private property - as is the stolen Worple Road sign and shopping trolley that I saw in the first few minutes of the video.

Their argument seems to be that because housing is expensive, they have the right to take over and use private property.

Hey, I need a vehicle. Vehicles are expensive. There's a delivery van across the road - I could break into it and use it for my purposes. It's a DHL van, and they have hundreds of them. That would be OK surely?

Oh, and I need a new fridge and fridges are expensive. I'm going to break in to the Worcester Park Tavern and take the squatters' fridge that I saw on the video. They would be happy with the principle of that, I assume?

As friendly and eloquent as these squatters may be, they are occupying and enjoying private property with no permission and are making no payment for it.

As to their moan about not being able to afford property, a quick check on Gumtree reveals rooms in shared housing in Worcester Park for just £79 a week. Perfectly achievable for anyone who can be bothered to do a decent week's work for the money.

So sorry, squatters, I have no sympathy. Get a job, get some money, and live according to your means.

guest said...

Or a day and a half's work at the minimum wage.

shelokay said...

the council can help with getting a deposit for a place

shelokay said...

can they come stay with you then linda if your ok with them living on someones property for nothing?

shelokay said...

and how did we do it.. through hard work and saving.. please see my above comment to you linda

shelokay said...

so if someone came along tomorrow and said right we want to start work on developing this.. then they would just move out?
yh right.. and lets see how much drug and drink stuff is left behind shall we!

Guest said...


I'm sure you undoubtedly 'could go on and on', but please don't! As it is, your comments read as though you are a spoilt seven year-old, who has just drunk the entire contents of your parents' drinks cabinet.

Rather than continue embarrass everyone who knows you, I suggest get yourself down to Worcester Park library and learn about geography, spelling and (as the top priority), find out about the concept of 'capital letters'.

Pedants R us said...

Of course some could argue that as you are using 'capital letters' as a compound proper noun, it should in itself be capitalised.

Guest said...

Perhaps some could argue that it should be 'We are pedants', rather than 'Pedants R us'?

I'm sure argument is the only likely contribution from the squatters, to this community.

Lone Ranger said...

Hrtless, I think you'd better define "Indian" for Linda Martin.
I have a hunch she probably thinks it means people who live in wigwams, send smoke signals and greet each other with the word 'How!'

Lone Ranger said...

Linda, I've read only half what you've written on this blog, before groaning loudly and giving up - and fortunately I could just stop the flow. But it was enough. It was certainly enough to work out why your "violent husband" (presumably ex-husband) was violent.

Lone Ranger said...

such rubbis Linda!

DP said...

Drama drama. Could someone please explain why there is still water and electricity in the building? Isn't turning that off the quickest way to get these people out?

guest said...

The spokesman spoke well, he appears charming and somewhat of a natural leader. Because of the way the modern world is we have all of us at some time had our fingers burned or been made to feel foolish by those who try to have us over or use charm to deceive us, often turning nasty if rumbled or thwarted. So it is very hard to let the shield down. Therefore they have a hill to climb. Could they really be a respectful group who will live decently there, keeping it maintained and paying an agreed rent? Do they have a little bit of a point: if it is going to sit totally unused for possibly years, why not use it?

I am usually the one that calls for hanging and flogging. Do I fall for it and give them a chance: yes, no yes, no. More fool I, but maybe just a yes this time (I already see the incoming 'fool!' responses!!)

Guest said...

Blogger: Lone Ranger's abusive personal comment about Linda is totally out of order and deserves to be removed

Worcester Park Blogger said...

I do agree that this comment could have been made without belittling Linda's experiences. Most readers are intelligent and would probably agree that it goes a bit too far. However removing the comment stops people from being able to form this opinion. And while comments about the comments may serve to shine a light and help adjust opinion, removing the comment will deny that opportunity and may add resentment as well. As a compromise, if more people ask for this to be removed I will remove it.

Observation said...

Interesting that Linda Martin has identified herself here, by name (and by dog), and has accused her husband of being controlling and violent, both in writing and in public. And this failed to be recognised as an "abusive personal comment" or "totally out of order". Although, paradoxically, an anonymous response to these accusations was deemed so.

Perhaps 'Guest' would like to explained the basis for their deeply prejudiced views to us? And while we're waiting, I put it to you, readers of the Worcester Park Blog:- that it's feasible, if not likely, that a solicitor acting for Linda Martin's husband/former husband, may come to a very different conclusion.

guest said...

That's an odd subject for a graduation-talk.

guest said...

I have got where I am today also through hard work and saving. But I will also acknowledge there has been a huge slice of luck in it. Luck in choosing the right University even though it had no reputation at the time. Luck in getting a job with a start up that grew to be a multi-national. But mainly luck in being born a baby boomer, a generation that have had it easy, in comparison to those that followed.

You can work your guts out these days and save every penny that isn't stolen from you by the denationalised industries and still be going backwards.

Linda Martin said...

thankyou x

Linda Martin said...

yes the council do a bond scheme, the problem is finding a estate agent that will find tennants who will except the bond, then you have to be able to have a address to get the bond, so again it's roundabout situation.

Uni is not what it was said...

Whilst you're protesting about being robbed by denationalised industries, perhaps you want to have a think about who is picking up the tab for squatters robbing those same denationalised industries?
It's a shame all those hard working people, who must felt so robbed, paying for your University Education, have proven, (quite literally) to have been robbed. I agree, any success you have had, has been entirely down to luck.

guest said...

All those who paid for my education are probably dead. It was over 40 years ago. I have paid higher rate taxation most of my life and don't regret that has gone to help fund other people's education.

The point I'm trying to make and may have failed to explain in terms simple enough for you to understand, is that luck plays a huge part in your future success, would Prince Charles have even got to University if he had been born at the same time in 1948 to a working class family in Hackney?

Would I have even have got to university if I hadn't lived in the catchment area of one of the best schools in the country?

Would I have done even better if I wasn't disabled and had to prove I was vastly superior to all other candidates to get a job?

Linda Martin said...

last comments on the subject-
I truely did not wish to offend anyone on here and my comments were sooo not meant to be racis whatsoever,, it was meant to show whatever nationality,breed or colour you are we are all human and need to show some compassion when the true facts aren't known and that life can deal a cruel hand at times.

The comments on here being made of scum, druggies, dirty filthy gypsies was trying to put a point across, as the saying goes don't judge a book by it's cover and don't judge before you know all the facts!

We are all equals.

I soo apologise if this has been taken as a personal remark, it certainly wasn't intended
I was just saying what I said as an example and not intending to hurt anyones feelings and I'm truely sorry if you thought this was what I did-i am NOT a racis but other's on here are racis when it comes to gypies and squatters if you see my point??

Apologises about my spelling, i was not a graduate as some of you obviously are and know my english isn';t that great, but, hey, you could still read what I meant and we are only human!

I am not a nutter (lol and lol)-unfortunatly have been there and back and got the badge,to proove it!

To the person who put those discusting comments on here you need to watch the ads for mental health,it shows it's a illness and only hope to god you don't ever have the misfourtune of suffering from it!!

By the way they don't lock people away for it anymore they have shut down st ebba's years ago!

But, do you get the point of what I was trying to say?
See how people are easy to comment and judge without understanding or knowing a situation?

I enjoyed your vid and appreciated the time and effort you put into it and look forward to the next one! :-) :-)

P.S Message for the squatters, good luck to you in the future and hope you find a job and home soon....and you know what they say about Karma...what goes around comes around!!!

Linda Martin said...

thankyou x

Barry Cullum said...

I've been watching this blog develop over the last couple of days without comment.
Many of your points I disagree with, but I'm not going to take any issue with them now. Also, as many have pointed out, your diction and spelling could do with some improvement. But I don't care about that either. The thing I do admire you for is the fact that you've not only make your point, but you've had the guts to put your name to it..... unlike the other bloggers who, at worst, insulted with you with some of their replies hidden behind silly nicknames.
Yes, I can see you've been through life's mill a bit, and maybe you didn't have the education that some of those robots had. That doesn't matter. At the end of the day, your vote is as good as theirs, and you're entitled to have your say without, quite frankly, having the piss taken out of you.
Until recently I was a long standing resident of Worcester Park for the best part of 60 years. Far longer I suspect than some of the anonymous know-it-alls that replied to your comments. My father moved there in 1937. I've seen the place change from a good working class area to ... god only knows what it is now.
My own thoughts about the squatters I'll keep to myself as I'm no longer a resident of Worcester Park. Suffice to say I agree with some of your points and views.... I disagree with others.
Just want to say 'well done Linda'... You stuck with it and you made this blog interesting.....

Barry Cullum said...


DT said...

Observer :- I think that is because Linda has been explaining why she has sympathy with the squatters, her grammar and spelling may be interesting. But importantly, she is trying to express what it is like to struggle, to be on the outside of society. She is not attacking her husband, but painting a word picture of what it is like to be in need accomodation, the husband is just a contextual element of that picture not its subject.

If you drop out of society through drug abuse or mental health issues, it is very, very hard to get back. It could happen to any of us. Just think what would happen to you if you lost your job and couldn't get another one for say a year, two years, three?

Observation said...

“Things can be held to be seriously defamatory, even when you do not intend them to be defamatory and do not make any express accusation. On this, I have learned my own lesson the hard way.”
Sally Bercow

This sounds like valuable advice to me. DT may choose to stick to his own, very different interpretation. However, justifying an express accusation as "just a contextual element" would appear, superficially at least, to be a pitifully weak defence.

dt said...

For it to be defamatory it would also have to be untrue, and that we have no way of judging.

Sally Bercow made statements based on hearsay, not personal knowledge, so was extremely foolish. We can assume that Linda is making them from personal knowledge.

Ignoring that, can you at least understand what she is trying to say and why she has sympathy for squatters, even if you have none?

Linda Martin said...

My parents bought their house on Mal;den rd in 1952,

I was born and bred there.
As was one of 8 kids, I was used to being bullied and havin the piss took out of me, especially at school for being one of 8!!! (teachers included)!

yep my spelling sucks but so did the education then as there were no special needs like today ,so if you didn't catch on as fast as the just slipped the system
Yes we've all seen the changes in the area, some good some bad.

Yep freedom of speech is something that is becoming very rare in our society even though it's what both my grandfathers fought in the war for.

Thankyou for your comments, I appreciate it as hadn't ever meant to upset anybody, was trying to put a point across as not great at putting words down in the correct way! don't think I'll bother again though!

dt said...

No carry on, your views are as valuable as everyone else's.

Worcester Park Blogger said...

Agreed. No one should feel their view is of less worth than anyone else's, regardless of whether I or other people agree with it. I like people to have their say and enrich the debate. Please carry on - you have added something that no one else has.

Uni is not what it was said...

So being born to a working class family in Hackney, in 1947, with no chance of a University Education would be extremely unlucky? And you think this would prevent any real chance of future success?
Well, Lord Sugar seems to have done pretty well.

Here we have squatters illegally occupying someone else's property, stealing from the denationalised industries and describing the joys of travelling around the world.

Meanwhile, local working families are picking up the tab, meaning they pay inflated utility bills and go without holidays.

You received a University Education. You moan about the cost of denationalised industries - yet you can't work out who pays for the squatters to indulge in stealing from them. And you claim the success of those that succeed in life, through hard work, is down to 'luck'.

What a complete waste of a University Education.

guest said...

Clearly you believe reasoned debate = attempts to belittle your opponent, you would have made a good politician.

guest said...

So, what are our Local Councillors doing about this derelict building?
Keeping a low profile it would seem.

Not a sufficiently enticing bandwagon to jump on, I suppose.

guest said...

So what do you suggest they do?

Berate the owners for not having sold it yet?

Compulsorily purchase the building? oh no they can't it is not derelict and hasn't been in that state for at least 5 years.(legally derelict means abandoned or the owners can't be traced)

Suggest to the owners they convert it to a Mosque?

PS if you feel that Kingston Council should be given greater powers in this respect you might want to look at this e-petition

Linda Martin said...

Have to say, I am smiling away here-that was bloody awsome!
Your statement made superb reading!

It made me feel like a "I'm proud to be British" moment!

Bit like when we were all glued to to tv watching the opening of the 2012 OIympic's!!! :-)

Okay,I may not be that well educated but I'm far from stupid but, OMG!!
you are soo bloody right!! hahaha love it!!

I soo agree with everything you've written and must say i'm smerking away to myself, just loved the comments, especially about the accountants and the fools who think they've made it by buying quite ordinary house for bundles and think they bought into something special like Worcester Park and the part about driving up and down the Avenue has made me roar with laughter as you are SO right!!!

Lasting thought....just imagin how much the properties would be worth if it was still like it was when we grew up there?

Bloody top class writing mate!!! x loved it! x

Linda Martin said...


Linda Martin said...

thanku-as I repeat both my Grandfathers and my 7 uncles-4 of them were brothers and gave their lives to give everyone the freedom of speech in the U.K

guest said...

Now that's what I call verbal diarrhoea!

Barry Cullum said...

Thanks Linda.
Although I no longer live in W.P., harsh words about the place don't come easily to me. I grew up there, and I still have a daughter, a brother and an ex-wife still living there. But I felt some things needed to be said.
That aside, it's you that has been the star of this particular Worcester Park Bloggers message to you. You certainly added something that nobody else had, and I for one am glad you didn't pack it in as you threatened to do.
Out of interest, regarding your remark on house prices..... my father bought his 3 bedroom semi in Vale Road in 1937 for £730. He died in 2003 and we sold it in 2005. If house prices had stayed with inflation, I have calculated that it would have fetched about 35 to 40 thousand.
We actually flogged it for 300 thousand.... nice one huh?....

All the best Linda..... take care x

Barry Cullum said...

You've let yourself down mate.... I credited you with more intelligence than that.....

guest said...

Barry, there is more than one person using the appellation guest! So it can get confusing. I was interested in your comments about WP being the home originally of the Working Class. I thought that the 30s Semis were aimed at the Metropolitan Man, the junior clerk in the office who had aims to be middle class. That's why the house were built with an outside toilet for the servant!

Talking of house prices, I grew up in an area designated for slum clearance, my family bought that house in the late 50s for around £400. But attitudes change to Georgian terrace houses, particularly when Tony Blair becomes a neighbour.

Your potted history makes me feel that I'm returning to my working class roots in having moved to WP.

Barry Cullum said...

apologies guest... It did actually occur to me later on that someone might have been trying to stir things up.
I'll get back to you later on your comments... have a good weekend

guest D said...

None needed

Guest said...

Have they gone? My other half saw some of them with their mattresses and other stuff outside the pub yesterday?

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