Thursday, 15 August 2013

Slow Leak Finally Fixed

An underground water leak in Inverness Road has been fixed after nine months.

The water which had been dribbling away under the pavement had completely filled the sheath around a gas main and finally started to pour through the pavement, alerting residents to the problem. Contractors from Clancy Docwra arrived yesterday afternoon to dig up the footpath and fix the leak which involved a new water supply pipe for one resident. They are hoping to have the work done and the holes filled in by the end of play today, or else early tomorrow.

According to one of the contractors, the leak started nine months ago when the gas main was replaced. Luckily the clay stopped the water from spreading too far and damaging people’s properties but had instead push its way all the way up the road through a pipe surrounding the gas main. When the contractor reached the leak and exposed this pipe the water rushed out so forcefully it looked like a water main. He has been pumping the waste water out all day.