Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Looking For Works

A new three way set of traffic lights is in operation at the top of The Avenue at St Mary's Church while they do essential gas works for three weeks. (They - being SGN, the same company doing all the other gas pipe replacement about the place).

Thanks to blog reader Zoe who told me that another sign said it would be starting on the 29th of July but that it all began this morning.

The only thing that appears to be missing though is any actual works! Surely after a full day you'd have thought they might have at least dug a hole. But no, the coned off section looks as untouched and driveable as any other part of the road.

After a day's work?
The generous part of me really wants to believe that there is a good reason why they had to disrupt traffic all day (and all night) without so much as a small hole to show for it. Please enlighten me if you know what this reason might be.

It would be 'displeasing' to find out that everyone driving down here today has been held up for no good reason due to poor management and decision making. Let's hope that's not the case...

Update (7th August around 10pm)

They've dug holes now: