Monday, 5 August 2013

Lincoln Road One Way

Lincoln Road Entrance in Longfellow Road
Lincoln Road Exit in Green Lane
Lincoln Road is a one way street for the next two weeks while Southern Gas Networks dig up the road to replace the tired old pipes with brand spanking new ones. The direction of one wayness (or 'allowable travel' for those who don't like me making up new words) is from Longfellow Road through to Green Lane.
St Philips Avenue

In other related news, the gas road works have now hit St Philips Avenue.

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Andy said...

As far as I'm concerned this road and the end of Longfellow from Browning Avenue to Green Lane, which form a loop basically, should permanently be made one way. How many times are there significant hold ups due to having to wait for oncoming traffic in both Lincoln road and the other end of Longfellow.

In fact where the road bends between the Browning Ave turning and the end of Longfellow is tretcherous to say the least, and I'm suprised accidents don't regularly happen there.

Not to mention the bus getting stuck constantly.

I think it would be good to have Lincoln Road running one way in the direction of Green Lane to Longfellow, and have the final section of Longfellow running as one way in the direction of the Browning Ave turning down to Green Lane.

guest said...

That is such a sensible suggestion, that I can't see Sutton Council going for it. It actually mimics the use of the majority of users and would improve traffic flow.

Person X said...


Poor Longfellow Road said...

So Longfellow Road, already inaccessible from Central Road, also becomes inaccessible from the other end, from both Green Lane and no left-turn from Browning Avenue?
So existing North Cheam traffic from Browning Avenue can access Longfellow Road and Central Road unless it diverts in a loop into (already choked by Hamptons traffic) Green Lane and back up Lincoln Road?
Or the only remaining appraoch into Longfellow is now going from Central Road, turning right into Green and then turning right again into Lincoln Road, then right into Longfellow? Which means the only approach from North Cheam is now down Central Road, via the junction at Green Lane.
The Hamptons/Green Lane area is already clogged with far more traffic than it can handle. Reducing alternative access points, creating loops out, back into and across existing gridlock and diverting yet more extra traffic into the Green Lane area (especially forcing everything coming down Browning Avenue to turn right into a one way system, then left (into Green Lane) sounds crazy.
Anything that forces more traffic into Green Lane has to be a really bad idea.

Andy said...

I'm not sure what you're talking about really. We are talking about making Lincoln one way in the direction from Green Lane to Longfellow, so your first comment makes no sense.

Secondly, why would it become no left turn at Browning Avenue? It would simply mean no right turn into Lincoln from Longfellow.

No traffic is forced onto Green Lane that wasn't already destined for it.

Potentially could possibly change the priorities at the end of Browning Ave in terms of the give-way markings.

In any event, it's all about the flow of traffic; at the minute in both of these roads traffic is constantly at loggerheads, meaning unnecessary delays all round. Making Lincoln Road and the section of Longfellow between Browning and Green lane both one-way in a flowing direction would ease this, either way around.

Not sure if you didn't/don't understand the (pretty simple) concept, or you are being argumentative, but to those of us who seemingly use these roads regularly, I imagine it makes perfect sense.

guest said...

I'm sorry, but I don't I understand you.

My understanding is to make the following changes.

1) To extend the one way section of Longfellow road to the junction with Browning road.

2) Make Lincoln Road one way in a Westbound direction i.e. towards Green Lane.

It would be possible to extend the one way section of Longfellow Road to Green Lane but that has less merit.

So the only changes would be that traffic in Green Lane would no longer be able to access Browning via Lincoln Rd / Longfellow.

Poor Longfellow Road said...

Comment Quote 1: "I think it would be good to have Lincoln Road running one way in the direction of Green Lane to Longfellow"...[That's eastbound, isn't it.]

Comment Quote 2: "Make Lincoln Road one way in a Westbound direction i.e. towards Green Lane."

That's a head-on collision in Lincoln Road - if it's not already blocked by traffic entering the one-way route from both directions! ...Sounds like something Sutton Council has paid a contractor a fortune to scribble on the back of a fag packet!

guest said...

Thanks, my brain had not read what was written, yes that flow is illogical, whereas the opposite flow longfellow to Green Lane just extends the one way scheme.

Poor Longfellow Road said...

Andy, as you seem unsure of the consequences of one-way signs pointing in a collision course, road planning probably isn't your strong point.

But if you're really serious, I suggest you print out a map of the area and overwrite arrows in the direction of one-way travel - then email it to the blogger for uploading to the thread. At the moment even those who like your idea seem to be on a collision course with it.

Just one other thing, from your last obnoxious paragraph, with a familiar look to it, are you the same Andy that has both fallen out with everyone else, and head over heels in love with the idea of a Mosque in Green Lane? ... And now, you're on about the need to ease the flow of traffic in and around the same location? Are you really? How very interesting!

Andy said...

Hmmm, well if we're referring to past posts, then I would perhaps consider that your response concerning the double yellow parking in Windsor Road which was full of 'WRONG!!!!!!' was also on the obnoxious side. (I fully accept I am making an assumption here!)

Anyway my intention wasn't to be obnoxious, but I just don't know whether you are visualising the suggestion correctly. At no point at there conflicting one-way signs, the only one way sections would be limited to Lincoln Road and the section of Longfellow starting to the right side of the junction with Browning down to Green Lane.

The section of Longfellow between Browning Ave and Lincoln remains two way.

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