Monday, 19 August 2013

Fine With You?

Blog reader David, recently felt compelled to email me about the overzealous way the council's contracted parking enforcement team go about their business in Worcester Park.

He writes: 
"In my road there is a pavement parking bay which has no 'end line' at one end of the bay. Consequently, drivers who park there thinking they are parking responsibly (and correctly) are being targeted time after time by the parking enforcement personnel who have logged this space as 'an easy catch'. I challenged one of the men as he was about to issue a ticket to a car in this bay telling him that the bay is incorrectly marked and that he knows he has no right to issue a ticket. 'They can appeal', was his response. Funnily enough, since that chat a few nights ago, no-one to my knowledge has received a penalty notice for parking in that bay. I have contacted the council for clarification on the matter as I think it is grossly unfair that tickets are being issued willy-nilly in the hope that some drivers will pay up thinking they are in the wrong.
These people would do better to issue tickets at 10 o'clock at night to those cars parked outside the British Legion that cause traffic coming down Central Road to drive around the island at the end of Brinkley Road into oncoming traffic just so that they can continue their journey safely."
For those interested, the bay in question is outside number 22 Washington Road.

I noted a similar experience being shared in this week’s local paper (Sutton Guardian) by one R Collins who said he (apologies if ‘R’ is a she) and two others witnessed a traffic warden issuing a parking ticket to a red saloon car at 5:30pm when the pay and display finished at 4:30pm. When he challenged this, the warden asked if the car belonged to him. As the answer was 'no', he completed writing the ticket despite knowing the car was not illegally parked.

While this other incident was in Mulgrave Road and not in Worcester Park I worry about this increasing trend in reports of dishonest practices by those who are supposed to serve the people of the borough. What is going on here?

Thanks David also for the photo.