Saturday, 3 August 2013

Central Reserve

Here is the latest installment to the Central Road improvements: a central reserve. 

It’s good this latest work hasn’t been causing extra traffic problems. The nimble workmen are getting on with the job working between the to two streams of traffic. Good work!

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Guest said...

Central Reserve ?? What's all this about, is it for parking cars , overtaking, pedestrian refuge when trying to cross the road or Traffic Management Engineers experimenting with new ideas on Worcester Park??
Surely white painted shevrons etc on the road would be sufficient.
What happens in a few weeks time when the Utility Companies arrive to dig it all up, are they going to match the colour scheme or just put done black tar ????
What on earth is going on in WP with all this Public money.????.

Outer London Foundering said...

And it's not only that: Take a look at the photo with the raised rear, just beneath the guy wearing the orange trousers, you can clearly see (even from the camera's fair distance) that the NEWLY INSTALLED grey paving slabs are ALREADY CRACKING UP!

Why go to the expense and trouble of breaking into the road (that was working) and dumping slabs into the holes that break up within a couple of weeks?

What was wrong with a simple and DIRT CHEAP grey painted line on the road surface?

Surely it would have cost a hell of a lot less?
And might have lasted longer than a fortnight, before falling to bits!

It's not the worker's fault: they are doing their best wish poor materials, poor designs and even poorer management. Can the WP Blogger tell us who EXACTLY is responsible and accountable for all this Outer London Fund nonsense?

Outer London Fiasco
Clearly NOT Working for Worcester Park

Outer London Foundering said...

PS I meant photo (of the truck) with the raised rear.
I thought I'd better make that clear, although looking at the truck about to dump its load in Central Road, Worcester Park, it does feel as though those managing this Outer London Fiasco are taking a dump all over us in Worcester Park!

Andy said...

I can only assume that the central 'reservation' still has to be finished off next week? I hope so anyway because at the minute it looks AWFUL. Just a big splodge of orange running up the middle of the road!

I certainly have my own reservations about it.

Guest said...

I really thought the works to Central Road were really bad and ill planned/designed. that is until I drove through Tolworth Broadway today , on driving to the roundabout I thought I was in Tuscany with the trees planted at the junction also in the Broadway the central reservation is multi coloured green etc . What is it with these ' so called road designers' and the want to use colour!!!!!!!
So I will have to change my mind re WP and now think we have got away very lightly.

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