Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Travellers Try Manor Park

The extended family of Irish Travellers who graced the Worcester Park Tavern with their presence (and their rubbish) back in April has had a go at moving to Manor Park this evening (Tuesday - now technically yesterday evening). The only thing is that the police managed to get there before they could get all their caravans in and so while four caravans have set up house at the back of the park, the others were turned away at the gate by the police.

Council officers from the London Borough of Kingston upon Thames, in whose area the park is, have now taken over guarding the entrance to the park in Malden Road but there is still a police presence within the park grounds.

The travellers told the blog that people should respect their privacy and that it was their custom to live this way and we should not object to them staying there. They were generally friendly in a slightly menacing sort of way. I couldn’t help being glad the police weren’t too far away!

Update (28th July)

You may have read it in the Kingston Guardian already but just in case you haven’t, the travellers in Manor Park were moved on. They were escorted out of the park and out of Kingston borough by police at around 11pm on Thursday evening (25th July) using section 61 powers.

The owners of the Hawthorne Woods attached to the park and who have flattened the area, apparently for allotments, are being blamed for letting them in to begin with because they apparently removed a council fence allowing the travellers to drive their caravans into a public park. The council is considering suing the owners.