Friday, 5 July 2013

That's Wheely Nuts

Blog reader Sue emailed me today with a worrying tale. She writes:
"We live in Hobart Road, Worcester Park and are wondering if anyone else in the neighbourhood has the same trouble as a couple us here. 
My husband went out in our car last week only to hear some loud clonking noises, he fortunately hadn't gone far and came straight back. On further inspection he found the wheel nuts on one of the wheels had been loosened and the wheel was almost off. 
We didn't think much of it , but were obviously puzzled, as there hadn't been any work carried out which might otherwise could have explained maybe an error. 
Earlier today our neighbour knocked to ask my husband what he thought was wrong with their car. It was making a loud clonking noise which he thought was a drive shaft or something. My husband checked it over for him only to discover his wheel nuts had been undone as well.

Surely this can't be coincidence and would be very interested if anyone else has had the same problem."
Please keep a look out if you live in the vicinity of Hobart Road. And please contact the police if you see or know of anyone tampering with people's cars. (You can do that by ringing 101).

Does anyone know why someone would do this?

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sorcer said...

same thing happened to me! there must be a group of miscreants roaming the nearby area trying to destroy our equilibrium!

Gazza. said...

Yup, me too. Last Monday in Ardrossan Gardens.

A said...

Not being funny but it isn't unknown for inadequately tightened wheel nuts to work loose over time, especially on these pot-hole ridden holes. Did anyone have their wheel changed in the month or two before it happened?

Jock said...

Three lots of wheel nuts loosened in the same small area is a very serious matter and the police should be informed. I would preserve the wheel area as far as possible for forensics as well

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