Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Standing The Test Of Time?

One thing I would like to hope about all this money being spent in Central Road is that the people who are being trusted to make the decisions have the relevant knowledge and experience to get the engineering stuff right.

Last week I was contacted by a blog reader who said:
"The two new crossing that they just finished building outside Rumours and by Balmoral Road already have cracks in the materials.... What’s it been, 10 days before the cracks begin to show? Shoddy isn’t the word!"
It would be understandable if only one of the new crossings was breaking up as this could be down to a specific flaw in those materials or that part of the road. But for both crossings, at about the same position and after only a month? This would suggest to me a serious lack of the understanding required by the decision makers when designing or implementing these crossings.

This begs the question, how many other aspects of these Central Road improvements will start to fall apart before long? And why hasn't this been managed properly? Is it even being managed properly now?

It’s great that it looks nice but to spend a million quid for something to look nice for a few months and then fall to pieces and be an eyesore for years until someone else fronts up another million quid doesn't strike me as being the very best value for money.