Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sinkhole Update

For those requesting an update on the works that have been going on outside Worcester Park Station to fix the collapsed piece of roadway, this blog can report the following:

From the surface the work looks completed (as shown above). However it needs to be properly inspected before it can receive the rubber stamp of finishedness. A couple of hundred metres up the road a team from Thames Water and Metrorod are preparing to do just that. 
By now (just after midnight Friday night/Saturday morning) they will have switched on their own set of two way traffic lights more or less opposite St John’s Church Hall, and started the job of pushing a camera up the pipe to see from the inside if it really is fixed. The gentleman in charge told me that this is not a quick job, it needs to clean as it goes and will probably take all night. They were just waiting for the traffic to subside before starting so as to keep disruption to a minimum.

If they find that the pipe is indeed fixed properly then they will take away all the traffic blocking stuff and 4 way lights etc. as quickly as possible. My original fear that they hadn’t quite finished by 5pm so decided to leave it all up for the weekend to come and take it all down on Monday morning was thankfully refuted.

Of course if they find it is not fixed properly then we are going to have to grit our collective teeth for a little longer while they do it all again. Hopefully this will not be the case.

Update (20th July - later in the day)

Packing up the play equipment

Phew! Well it all seems like it was fine down there because this morning they came and packed away the automotive obstacle course and cleared the road so we can all enjoys our trips to and from Kingston, New Malden and the A3 at 3 mph again rather than 0.3 mph. Happy days!