Wednesday, 24 July 2013

RIP WP Mini Mart

16th May 2013 – 23rd July 2013

This blog is sorry to report the sad demise of the WP Mini Mart after a brief two month struggle to survive in Central Road.

The ‘Mart as it had become fondly known closed its doors for the last time after a final day’s trading on Monday the 22nd of July just a little over two months after opening its doors as reported by this blog.

The blog understands that the owners had been given 6 months rent free to help grow the business but even that wasn’t enough to keep the doors open.

Doomed from the start?

This blog is always sad to see independent businesses go under but would like to suggest that the future tenants take into account a couple of what I think are basic principals before pouring their life savings into a new venture.

  • Don’t just offer the same stuff already available in half a dozen other shops within 100 metres. If people want to buy that stuff they will go where they have been going for years already.
  • Fill your shop. Nothing screams ‘temporary’ more than under used space in a shop. One drinks fridge, a couple of shelves and stands along the walls and a sweet counter in front of the till doesn't look or feel like a ‘complete’ shop. Nor does it make me want to come in and find out what interesting things I might discover in there.

I hope this doesn’t come across as patronizing but I am sick of seeing shops open and then close so quickly. Having once run a small business myself I know how much people have to invest personally as well as financially to try to get any business off the ground and of course they lose all of it with no compensation if the business fails.

Readers may be interested that Scola are running a program called Shine to help grow businesses in the local area. If you are running or are thinking of starting a local business you might want to find out more about what they are offering and can do so here: