Thursday, 4 July 2013

Post Office Robbery

The Post Office in Central Road was robbed this morning just before 11:30am and will be closed to the public for several hours today. The robber, a black male, apparently shoved a member of staff and snatched Euros from a till and ran off. First reports were that no one was hurt in the process.

The police are talking to witnesses and looking through CCTV footage. Anyone who saw what happened or knows who it was is encouraged to contact the police by calling 101 or anonymously on 0800 555 111. Always call 999 if a crime is currently taking place.

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Mr Cynic said...

This is absolutely disgraceful, although there is some irony as the PO have been robbing people blind lately with their overcharging. Still, hope noone was hurt and the thieves are caught.

unknown said...

i know who it was lol wat a joker

Dave said...

"a blake male"?
Looks like a Freudian Slip to avoid criticism by those readers who see racism and xenophobia wherever they look. Go on, you can call him black if you want.

Worcester Park Blogger said...

Thanks for spotting that - now fixed.

ElmsteadCommentator said...

The place has been an obvious target for ages. The safes behind the counter are always open (although I would hope they are not now) and the person behind the shop counter has the keys to the security door, not always on his person. Surprised they are insured!!

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